Did he really run away? Where is Pollun!? (マジ家出?ポルンはいったいどこー!? "Maji Iede? Porun wa Ittai doko!?"?), dubbed Porun on the Loose in the English dub, is the 31st episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure, and also the 31st episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Missing the Garden of Light, Pollun runs away after throwing a tantrum.


Wisdom Cage

Guardian in a cage

Belzei, Regine and Juna observe the cage of a macaw. Belzei begins to ask about the Prism Stones, trying to figure out where they had went. He claims that it doesn't matter since they at least have the Guardian of them inside a cage where he can't be freed. Then, the old man threatens to let the Macaw eat Wisdom if he doesn't reveal anything to them. Upon feeling the giant birds beak on him, Wisdom tells them that without him, they won't be able to get the Prism Stones out of the Prism Hopish

Meanwhile, Nagisa remembers the other day when Wisdom had been kidnapped. Pollun tried to help save him, but right now he's trying to make Mepple play with him. Mepple is getting very tired by this point though, so with no further options he changes into his Card Commune form so that Pollun will harass Nagisa instead. He clings to her and begins yanking on her hair, but she just tells him that she can't play right now.

Suddenly her mother calls to inform her that it is lunch time. Nagisa gets up to leave, stopping to tell Pollun that her family can't see him, so he can't come. He refuses to listen so she is forced to grab him and place him on her bed, where she tells him to stay put once more before going. Pollun approaches the door to listen to Nagisa when Mepple, still in Card Commune form observes the saddened Pollun. He begins to think about his time back in the Garden of Light and how they used to play together, then mentions a desire to go back home.


Nagisa and Pollun

Nagisa and Mepple pay Honoka a visit later on and explain how weirdly Pollun has been acting lately. They comment that he has been in his normal form for a while now, so Honoka and Mipple ask if anything has changed recently, but Nagisa mentions that he has been energetic today. It's then they hear Pollun mention the Guardian of the Prism Stones, but when the girls try to ask, he accidentally forgets. Suddenly, he changes into a strange laptop-like form and they hear a voice.

The recognize it as Elder and he asks how Pollun is.  Pollun asks how he is as well, before the Elder tries to explain a theory he has. He believes the power of the Prism Stones may very well be inside of Pollun, most-likely because the Stone Guardian hid them there. The girls question this and he mentions that the power must be tucked deep inside of Pollun, simply asleep for now. As the girls think about their latest upgrade, Pollun asks how everyone is back at the Garden of Light, and is glad to know that they are alright. But he suddenly turns back into his true form and begins to throw a tantrum, since he didn't get to know everything he wanted. Honoka tries to calm him by saying that he probably can't stay in that form too long just yet, but he is very upset. 

He gets up and runs while the girls give chase. He runs all the way to the end of the streets and the girls try to tell him how dangerous the road can be when he runs by many cars. He flies off after refusing to listen, so they continue to chase after him until he gets stuck on a pile of wood. The girls stop and try to determine what to do until they see Akane. They get inside of her vehicle and ask her to follow the truck ahead of her and she tries to figure out what is going on until Honoka changes the subject by commenting on how different this truck is. Akane explains that her vehicle is having repairs done at the time, then she happens to spot Pollun on the truck. 


June, Regine and Belzei performing the dark ritual

Nagisa tries to lean out of the window to catch Pollun and they soon come to a blocked road. The man tells them it is under construction, so they need to turn around. But to their surprise Juna suddenly appears and with a simple stare, he knocks Akane out before ripping the back door off of the vehicle. Nagisa and Honoka flee from the other side and hide as he summons a Zakenna.

They transform into pretty Cure and begin fighting when a big gust of wind keeps blowing them back. Trying to help them, Pollun gets hit. The girls pull out a card and swipe it through their Card Communes and it summons their upgraded items, allowing them to cast "Pretty Cure Rainbow Storm".

As the battle ends the girls spot the sleeping Pollun. They aren't very surprised though, as Nagisa mentions how natural it is for him to feel lonely here. They continue to talk, unaware of the villains watching them from a distance. They take off after a moment in a flash of pink light. 

Major Events

  • Pollun reveals he can connect back to the Elder in the Garden of Light.
  • The Dark Seeds revive the Evil King





Secondary Characters


  • This marks the first time in the Pretty Cure series that a Mascot ran away/ran off in an episode. Milk from Yes! Pretty Cure 5, Chiffon from Fresh Pretty Cure! and Potpourri and Coffret from Heartcatch Pretty Cure! also had episodes where they ran away.


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