Explosive! Pretty Cure Rainbow Storm (炸裂!プリキュアレインボーストーム "Sakuretsu! Purikyua Reinbō Sutōmu"?), dubbed Pretty Cure Rainbow Storm in the English dub, is the 30th episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure, and also the 30th episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall.


The girls deal with their first day back at school with the disruptive, troublesome Pollun tagging along. Meanwhile, the Dark Trio decide to use this to target the girls, but will Pollun be more of an asset then they realized? 



Pollun playing with Guardian

The girls call forth the guardian to ask if he knows anything about their new enemies. Guardian tries to explain but Pollun starts distracting him by playing with his face, then juggling the Prism Stones. As Pollun continues with his antics, the Guardian is unable to figure out anything about these new enemies. But if they don't do something about them soon a great catastrophe is sure to befall the Garden of Rainbows.

It's then Honoka sees Nagisa's summer homework book and notices that it's blank. Summer vacation ends that day and when questioned, Nagisa explains that it's simply because she's the type of person who works better when driven into a corner, so she'll finish it tonight.

Meanwhile, at the hidden mansion the seeds of darkness are in civilian form, when Hidehiko (Belzei Gertrude) brings up the revival of the Evil King, with Ryuichiro (Juna) replying that they can't do that already. Hidehiko points out that they need the Prism Stones first, and Shouko (Regine) reveals that Pretty Cure has them. Hidehiko then decides their next goal is taking them from the warriors.

The next day before school begins, Nagisa reveals that she wasn't able to finish her work like she thought she would. She did work on it, but Mepple comments that he knew she would fail, causing her to attempt to hit him. However, her bag is too heavy and she is unable to do so. After Honoka notices this, she brings up that they only had to bring their summer homework for the day and they look inside to find Pollun. Nagisa scolds him for tagging along but he begins to whine, so they have no choice but to deal with the following strange look they get. Mipple points out that when Pollun decides something, getting him to change his mind is next to impossible.

After class begins, Nagisa is quick to admit that she forgot to do the homework and goes out into the hallway willingly for punishment. When Pollun voices his desire to come too, Honoka quickly tries to lie and say she didn't do her homework either to cover up the commotion. In the hallway Nagisa scolds Pollun again, but this makes him start crying and the teacher comes out to tell them to be quiet. As they are getting chewed out Pollun changes form to make an escape.

By the time the girls notice, Pollun is in the principals office ruining his portrait with red marker. When the girls find him they start to scold him again and are found by the Vice Principal, who thinks they ruined the picture. So they are punished and forced to un-weed the grass.

Once school ends the girls are busy weeding when a teacher comes by. They try to explain themselves while leaving out certain details, and the teacher takes off after wishing them luck. Nagisa feels really warm and tired so Honoka suggests that she go and rest under the shade somewhere while she finishes, but Nagisa is unable to leave Honoka alone and continues to work.

As they come close to finishing, the Vice Principal notices Ryuichiro, Shouko and Hidehiko going to the school school. He wonders who they are until recognizing one that resembles the Principal and leaves it at that.

In class the girls notice Pollun has gone missing again. They look around and open the door to the hallway and suddenly notice how dark the sky is. They find their home room teacher Yoshimi sleeping and outside they find that the Vice Principal is too. Then they see Juna, Regine and Belzei Gertrude and begin to run as Juna makes thunder appear near them. Regine is able to open it, to see Guardian inside and Belzei Gertrude steals him from his hiding spot. In this time they transform into Pretty Cure, but are too weak to fight the trio, even with Marble Screw.

The Guardian attempts teleporting away while the seeds of darkness try to find him. Just as they get close he vanishes again to reapper on the roof and tells the cures that they need someone with the power of light to get use of the Stones' power and thinks about it while Pollun comes by and states his desire to play with Guardian again.

Guardian transfers the stones power to Pollun

With no other option he transfers the stones power to Pollun and having no idea that he is holding it, the dark trio kick him away thinking he's useless. Pretty Cure try to attack again but this proves useless until Pollun begins to cry and yell at the dark trio for bullying Pretty Cure. Suddenly his body starts glowing and a strange card appears to slash it self over his commune body, sending the power to Pretty Cure in the form of Rainbow Bracelets.

The seeds of darkness try to attack again and they notice the girls are much faster. They also notice that White's injuries have left and Black's status from her all-nighter seem gone too. Then they use their new attack, Pretty Cure Rainbow Storm, much to Nagisa's dismay since she has found herself saying something weird again. The seeds of darkness try repelling the move but are unable to, so Belzei Gertrude tells them to just retreat. After that, the girls ask Pollun what happened and he seems to have no idea.

Major Events

  • Wisdom sacrifices the power of the Prism Stones to Pollun before he is captured by the Dark Seeds.
  • Pollun releases the power of the Prism Stones within himself, forming the Rainbow Braces and allowing the Cures to perform Rainbow Storm for the first time.





Secondary Characters



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