Stormy Summer Festival! Is the Thunder God That Scary!? (嵐の夏祭り!カミナリ様は超コワイ!? "Arashi no Natsu Matsuri! Kaminari-sama wa Chou Kowai!?"?), dubbed Summer Ends with a Bang in the English dub, is the 29th episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure, and also the 29th episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall.


With summer almost over the girls decide to attend the Summer Festival.


In nature the third seed of darkness starts sprouting. It shouts, and the scream is being heard by Ryuichiro and Shouko. 

Meanwhile, Ryouta is being taken to the Hospital over his stomach pains from eating too much watermelon against Nagisa. He complains over how badly he feels and asks why only he got sick, and their mom states that Nagisa just has a really big, durable stomach. While there, a strange old man passed by three doctors. They greet him and address him as Principal. 

Later on Nagisa is outshopping with Shiho and Rina when they find themselves accidentally by the Yukata Shop. They find Honoka coming in with her grandma and the girls greet each other. 

By the time they are ready to go, Honoka has let Nagisa borrow the Yukata she wore last year and they prepare to leave when they see Pollun sleeping. He speaks of something while in his deep slumber and they decide to let him sleep since they did not wish to wake him up. Nagisa's mother then returns while revealing that Ryouta is at a friends home. They promised they would take him to the Festival so the girls take off to meet with Shiho and Rina. So they run off to go have some fun. 


The girls at the Festival

Pollun awakes at home to find himself alone. 

The girls spot Akane selling her stuff at the festival and she tells them that she will give them bigger portions than usual. So they sit down to eat when they are joined by Fujipi and his friends. Afterwards they go off to play the goldfish scooping game. Fujipi is able to get a lot but Nagisa struggles to concentrate due to her nervousness being close to Fujipi. Ryouta comes by and Honoka decides to give him her fish.

Then everyone goes to the old shrine, and the girls begin to tell a ghost story. Nagisa claims not to be frightened so Fujipi's friend suggests they do a Test of Courage. They pair up in boy and girl pairs, and Nagisa ends up with Fujipi, giving her a chance to spend some time alone with him.

Meanwhile, Pollun walks around the streets. He murmurs the words he spoke in his sleep while trying to locate the girls. Ryouta happens to see Pollun but ends up getting separated from him due to the crowd of people, making him unable to see whether he was imagining it or not.

At the Shrine the rules for the Test are explained. Each pair has to go in alone and light the candle, then return and let next pair in. Nagisa and Fujipi easily reach the goal, while Honoka discuss Pine Crickets with her partner.

After hearing cracks of thunder, Pollun calls for the girls to tell them that it will begin to rain soon. Jumping out of the bush he was hiding in, he tries to find the girls, but without succeed in doing so, the rain starts pouring down.

Nagisa and Fujipi run down a nearby set of stairs to seek shelter for the rain, when Nagisa slips. Fujipi tries to catch her but he slips in the process and hurts his leg. They go down to the shrine, but the Organizer mentions that he can't call his friend, who was supposed to be picking them up. 

Mipple and Mepple starts yelling to warn them about a dark presence approaching, when a car begins to drive by. Nagisa stops it to find out that the driver is Yuuki Hidehiko. She asks him if he could drive them to the hospital to get Fujipi's leg looked at, he agrees and after they leave, Pollun jumps once again, still talking about what he has been trying to say.


Hidehiko agrees to drive them to the hospital

They arrived at the hospital and the man says that they will be fine, since the hospital has very good orthopedics. The girls sit in the waiting room while Fujipi gets his leg checked, with Mepple and Mipple turning into their true forms after noticing that they are alone there. They mention feeling a dark presence at the roof, so the girls go to investigate. They find Belzei Gertrude sucking the thunder from the sky and calling forth a Zakenna, forcing the girls to transform.

They try fighting but are interrupted by the Zakenna grabing and throwing them against a wall nearby. It tries to attack the girls but they are finally able to defeat the Zakenna with their Marble Screw. The Zakenna disperses and the girls notice that Belzei now has left.

Back at the hospital a nurse looks for the Director. She calls Hidehiko but another man answers the call instead, so she begins to discuss an operation, forgetting all about Hidehiko. The doctors had said that Fujipi only got a minor sprain but Nagisa still feels guilty about it. A mini-bus arrives to take Fujipi home and the girls leave to go back home, where they run into Pollun. He repeats his words, then admits how lonely he has been.

Meanwhile, Hidehiko is seen walking into a big mansion in the middle of a forest, meeting the other Seeds of Darkness. Ryuichiro tells them that all members now finally has gathered.

Major Events

  • Belzei Gertrude, the final Dark Seed, emerges and gains power by absorbing a lightning storm.





Secondary Characters



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