Regine Appears! We've Had Enough of This Already! (レギーネ登場!ってもう来ないで! "Regīne Tōjō! Tte Mō Konai de!"?), dubbed Turning Up the Heat in the English dub, is the 28th episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure, and also the 28th episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall.


While dealing with a particularly hot day the girls decide to visit Keiyaki Hill, a place Sanae describes to them. Meanwhile a mysterious new girl has appeared in town. 


The episode begins with a man carrying a little crying girl to the top of the mountain. He tells her that no matter what, you can always see a great view once you climb to the top of the mountain. The girl is shown to carry a pink cellphone - Mipple, as the man goes on to introduce her as Sanae

In present time, at the park is a new, mysterious flower that has began to sprout.

Nagisa is hanging out with Honoka doing her summer homework. She thinks that it is too hot today and finds it hard to focus. Then Mipple runs in being chased by Pollun and joined by Mepple. It appears they were playing tag when Mepple mentions that it is Pollun's turn to catch them. He does not want to though, and he claims that Mepple is bullying him, whining to Mipple. Mipple decides that they should play another game, this one called Daruma-san ga Koronda (red-light green-light), but Mepple would rather keep playing tag.


A woman with red hair looking at the sun

Pollun begins to whine again but Mepple refuses to give up and they both begin to shout at each other. Nagisa yells at them to quiet down and after Mepple calls her too loud, Pollun says that she is a Pretty Cura (like Elder says). Nagisa tries to get him to say it the right way but he refuses.

Meanwhile, at the park, a woman with red hair was standing and looking at the sun.

In the end, the mascot trio have decided to play Daruma-san ga koronda, and Pollun starts whining again after he is told that he loses. Nagisa begins to grumble and when Mepple reveals hearing what she said they begin to argue until Pollun says "it's awakening" again. He tells the girls to watch out for a pillar of red but they don't understand what this could be.

Shouko, the mysterious girl crosses a few streets as dummies from a store begin to disappear. A strange man stops all of the cars while he sits nearby and begins to make them crash.

It's then Mipple recalls what the Queen said to them, that Pollun has some sort of power. Nagisa recalls the last time Pollun was acting like this and recalls the appearance of Juna. This makes Honoka wonder if he may have the power to foresee things, but the girls begin to grow doubtful that they will be strong enough to defeat these new villains. To protect Mipple, Mepple and Pollun, Prism Stones and the Garden of Light, they know what they have to do, but they do not know if it is enough. Honoka admits to feeling uneasy and claims that without Nagisa she wouldn't be able to handle any of this.

Sanae comes into the room soon afterwards with some iced tea for the girls. The girls comment that there is not much they can do with how things are right now, but as Sanae heard them she tells them not to think like this because it will only make them worry. Honoka asks her grandmother if there was ever a time where she felt like she couldn't do something and Sanae admits there was many times. Such as the time she fell during a big race, or the time she got a bad grade, or even when the city was gone. 

Meanwhile, at the street, the drivers whose cars were crashed woke up and see everything is now fine. Nobody can recall anything, or even the strange girl they had noticed beforehand. The dummies from the store are still gone however.


Young Sanae with kids

Sanae tells the girls her story and mentions how little she was. After an incident occurred, only half of her storage and part of the house was left. As she went around a little girl followed her. She tried to speak to her, but the girl never responded. She took her up to the Mountain that she was taken to as a child and more children began to appear - as if it was a hiking trip. They all arrived to the top to find a tree growing bright green leaves. Then she finds the missing city and began to cry until she thought of the words of her Father. No matter how hard the road is to the mountain, she will always see a good view after she climbs to the top.

Sanae heard a voice from the cellphone she always carried with her. It said "you mustn't lose hope -mipo", and Sanae begins to laugh after saying this to them. She reminds the girls that no matter how bad today looks like, tomorrow will be a good day.

Later the girls go to Akane-san's for some shaved ice. She mentions how the sales haven't been a good as she expected since people can get shaved ice everywhere, but Nagisa recalls what Sanae told them to Akane, only for her to say that Nagisa probably has a fever. After eating the ice, Nagisa thinks about the hill Sanae told them about.

At this moment, a volcano is shown for a second. Nagisa goes on to complain that it is a long way to the mountain, but they have decided to attempt the climb anyway. They happen to see Shouko staring at them and she suddenly thinks about Pretty Cures destroying the Evil King. Pollun transforms into his true, mascot form and starts to run around while saying "it's awakening". The suited dummies from the store suddenly appear and block the path and began to attack the girls while Shouko goes further into the volcano. The girls transform and begin to attach the Zakenna and they transformed to more muscular forms.

The girls suddenly understand that the Dummies were trying to protect Shouko, but when she sees them she begins to scream while a red suit covers her body and her eyes become pink as her hair turns white and lengthens into multiple curls. Just as she is about to attack the cures, Juna came and grab her while saying that she has more important things to handle.


Regine absorbs all of the fire from the volcano

Suddenly the volcano erupts. The girls head to the top of the mountain and spot many Zakenna. Black begins to angrily complain, saying that she doesn ot have the time to deal with them when she has chocolate parfaits waiting for her. She also has her summer homework to finish and is in no mood. They used Marble Screw and manage to rid of a few of them, but a lot remain.

As they start to fight, Regine absorbs all of the fire from the Volcano as Juna comments that she has awakened.

Meanwhile, the Zakenna form into one "ghostly" object and disappear into the stars. While Mipple and Mepple are worried over what they will do now, Nagisa and Honoka repeat the words of Sanae. 

Major Events

  • Yukishiro Sanae's history is further revealed, including her time with Mipple during World War II.
  • Regine, the second Dark Seed, is born and awakens to her power after absorbing a volcanic eruption.





Secondary Characters


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