A New Darkness Closes In! Save the Lost Pollun! (新たな闇が迫る!迷子のポルンを救え "Aratana Yami ga Semaru! Maigo no Porun wo Sukue!"?), dubbed A New Evil Gathers in the English dub, is the 27th episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure, and also the 27th episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall.


As life starts to return to normal for Nagisa and Honoka, Mepple, Mipple, and Pollun arrive to reveal that a new darkness has awakened... 


A beautiful flower field begins to wilt, and in the center of it is a strange flower that begins glowing and becomes a human-like creature.

Meanwhile, the Queen is telling Elder, Mepple, Mipple and Pollun about the seeds Evil King sent to the Garden of Rainbows. By absorbing the nourishment of the Garden of Rainbows, they will take root. The only one who can stop them are the legendary soldiers and she asks Pollun to go to the Garden of Rainbows. He has the powers to help Pretty Cure.

Then as it turns out, Mipple and Mepple are explaining this story to Nagisa and Honoka. While Nagisa struggles to understand, Honoka gets it right away as they recall defeating the Evil King and restoring the Garden of Light. The Queen has said that the seeds are pieces of the Evil King himself, and in time they will revive him. By now Pollun finds himself feeling worn out and Mipple and Mepple explain that it's because he's always in this form. He claims it's easier to move though, and he is always like this in the Garden of Light too so it's fine. He attempts to show everyone but he's so worn out that he changes into another form and begins to inform the group that something is "awakening" and "sprouting".

Meanwhile, in the middle of the city at an office, a guy named Kakuzawa Ryuuichiro is giving the boss a proposal.

The next morning Honoka calls Nagisa to tell her that Pollun has run off.

Honoka calls Nagisa

She's too tired to keep an eye on him all of the time, and hearing them Ryouta comes by to ask what they mean, causing Nagisa to cobra twist him.

Meanwhile in the city, Pollun is traveling around when he stops at the game center. He goes into a machine thinking the toys inside are other citizens from the Garden of Light and tries talking to them. But after being pulled out by a trio of girls he runs away.

Nagisa and Honoka begin their search of him and decide to split up.

Pollun heads into the nearby alleyway and runs into a wild cat that starts chasing him. They pass by a dog, and the cat bumps it, causing the dog to bark and chase the cat away.

Later on, Nagisa and Honoka decide to check the cake shop to see if Pollun has come there.


Pollun traveling around

Pollun is walking along a tunnel of some sort in an attempt to locate Mepple and Mipple. He comments that something is awaking again.

At the office again, the man from before, Kakuzawa Ryuuichiro is watching a weather forecast. There is a warning for a typhoon coming, but it will be passing through the east coast. A woman nearby is watching some pictures from a company trip recently and she comments that everyone looked to have fun, except for him. The boss complained enough that they just cut that side out. Then, Kakuzawa begins to remember Evil King, Dotsuku Zone, his sprouting and other stuff, then jumps out of the window while changing from his office suit into a battle outfit while his hair and eyes change color too.

As the group overlook the picture again, Kazukawa is shown to be missing now and nobody seems to even notice anything about him. Or even remember him.

The strange man, now known as Juna, floats to the sky and works to change the typhoon's course to make it go to Japan. A big rain storm then begins and a big wing forms while the sun shines. By absorbing everything, Juna is shown to become stronger. Pollun comes out of his hiding spot and sees Juna. He transforms into his true form and tries to run, but is blocked so that escape is impossible.

Still at the cake shop, Mepple and Mipple can tell that Pollun is close because they can feel him. They then lead Nagisa and Honoka to the nearby underground parking lot to find Pollun and Juna. The girls transform into Pretty Cure and try to fight him, but he uses his powers to blow Pollun away and distract them. At first it seems he is going to win until he attacks Pollun, causing them to get angry and use Marble Screw. He is able to shield the attack from his dark powers, causing a huge explosion and he vanishes.

Later on, Pollun is back to jumping on Nagisa's bed. Mepples asks him to go home with Mipple and Honoka but he refuses because he wants to play more. He invites Mepple to play also, causing Mepple to chase him around her bedroom.

Major Events

  • Pollun reveals a strange precognition ability to see dark beings.
  • Juna, the first of the Dark Seeds, is born and awakens to his power after empowering himself with a typhoon.





Secondary Characters



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