Farewell, Mepple Mipple!? I Can't! (さよならメップルミップル!?やだー "Sayanora Meppuru Mippuru!? Yada"?), dubbed Saying Goodbye is Never Easy in the English dub, is the 26th episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure, and also the 26th episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Nagisa and Honoka are kidnapped to the Dotsuku Zone, where they try to defeat the Evil King.



Ilkubo's silhouette.

Cure Black and Cure White are taken to the Dotsuku Zone and are thrown onto the ground as a giant, dark monster appears and announces himself as the Evil King. The Cures ask where Ilkubo is and to their surprise he appears behind them. This shocks the girls when he states that this place shall be their grave. With anger he creates a tornado, causing his strength to increase as the girls are still in disbelief. They make an attempt to fight him but he appears too strong and avoids the attack.  

While they are not tired yet, the girls are frightened and have no idea how to defeat him, as their powers do nothing. Ilkubo begins to attack Cure White, and she is able to dodge but the girls fail after they try to attack again, this time together. 


Cure Black begins to hit.

After seeing Cure White has gotten hurt, an angry Cure Black attacks Ilkubo from behind. He is able to punch her before she can though, and she jumps back and kicks him, but he returns with a kick of his own. She is sent flying but is helped by Cure White. Angrily Ilkubo uses an explosive attack on the girls but they are able to avoid it before he vanishes. 

A moment later he reappears  and claims that this is the final attack. Suddenly thunder strikes as the girls watch in horror. Ilkubo becomes completely immobilized by thunder and soon Evil King destroys him. The girls ask Evil King why did he do such a thing to his comrade and Evil King implies his final attack could have destroyed the Prism Stones. Evil King then proceeds to explain to the girls what darkness is.


Cure Black starts talking to Evil King.

It is shown in the city that the blue sky is becoming dark, with people curious as to what is going on. In the Dotsuku Zone it remains silent and dark and the Evil King finds the Prism Stones. But before he can get to them, Cure Black runs for the Hopish and manages to grab it and perform  Pretty Cure Marble Screw

To their surprise nothing happens, but the girls determine that this has to do with how tired they are. 


The Queen starts giving power.

The Queen suddenly appears, saying that she has arrived to protect the Cures and she refuses to let them be defeated. Her kind, sweet words make the girls feel better and together their strengths are combined to perform a growing, glowing, stronger version of Pretty Cure Marble Screw. With the Queen's help the girls are able to finally defeat Evil King. 

In town the sky returns to the lovely blue, while Nagisa and Honoka return to the Garden of Light with the Prism Stones. The girls are very happy that everything has returned to normal for them, and now they no longer need to fight. However, while their mascots say good things about them, the girls are very saddened with the idea that they will be leaving Mepple and Mipple. 


Nagisa and Honoka back on Earth

The girls return home and Honoka quickly hugs Chuutaro. The girls then go home while thinking about the events, going to eat dinner with their loved ones.

The next morning, Nagisa sadly thinks about Mepple. But to her surprise, he suddenly appears. At Honoka's, the same events happen, with Mipple surprising Honoka. 

Major Events

  • The Pretty Cure encounter the Evil King for the first time.
  • The Evil King kills Ilkubo and he returns to the darkness.
  • With the help of the Queen, the Cures defeat the Evil King, but with three mysterious seeds flying off upon his death.
  • Wisdom completes the restoration of the Garden of Light.
  • Nagisa and Honoka return home; with Mepple, Mipple and Pollun soon following due to new concerns.





Secondary Characters



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