Let's go to the garden of light-popo! Us too!? (いざ光の園へポポ!私たちも!? "Iza Hikari no sono e-popo! Watashi-tachi mo!?"?), dubbed Return to the Garden of Light in the English dub, is the 25th episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure, and also the 25th episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall. 


Nagisa and Honoka go with their mascots to the Garden of Light for the first time, but have they really heard the last of IIkubo? 


Pollun is whining because Nagisa and Honoka don't seem very eager to go to the Garden of Light with him. When they finally agree he cheers right up, but Nagisa doesn't understand how they can travel on the rainbow. He leads them into Honoka's house, where they find Sanae sleeping. He begins to get sparkles all over him and begins to float, while Mipple and Mepple do the same. Nagisa and Honoka decide to try it too, and soon everyone is able to ride the rainbow to the Garden of Light. As they do so, Nagisa can't help but wonder how safe this is, then she wonders how the garden looks and Honoka teases that maybe they will become fairies in order to survive there.

Upon arrival, Honoka looks around the pretty scenery while Nagisa is relieved to see that she didn't change form. They then notice a ruined place, which Mepple comments on as being the area the Dotsuku Zone has consumed. Then other fairies then come to see them and after a small reunion, Pollun told them to follow him to the palace of light, where Elder is waiting. When they arrive to the palace, Elder sees Mipple and Mepple and claims that it must have been hard for them to live in the Garden of Rainbows. Mepple then explains that the fairies from the cards have been taking care of them, which he did expect. When he sees the two girls, they are introduced to him by Mepple and Mipple.


Nagisa and Honoka arrive at the Garden of Light

In his age, the elder struggles to recall some things. Such as what the Pretty Cure are called, mixing up words, and calling Nagis and Honoka as Youko and Keiko. He thanks them for helping so far and explains that the Dotsuku Zone was created from Darkness, and that it will destroy every world they are in to leave no life left. Because of the power of light that the girls possess there isn't any guardians of light anymore either. It's very important because it creates life and hope, with the source of this being the Prism Stones. If all seven are taken away then the Garden of Light will vanish. It's only because of the two stones Mepple and Mipple escaped with that the Garden of Light was able to survive.

Another person suddenly comes by to inform them that the Queen wants to see them. Nagisa thinks it may be a reward, but Honoka doubts it. They go to see the Queen and to their shock, they learn how huge she is!

The Queen thanks them for all of their help, as well as the fact they have protected the stones. Nagisa asks her why something this important was left to the job of two normal middle school students, and the Elder makes an attempt to explain, but when he can't the Queen says that it is because of what is in their hearts. She then continues to explain that in order to revive the Garden of Light, they need to go to the Hill of Light. There, Elder explains that seven people need to be there to revive the garden of light, but when Nagisa counts she notices only six people. Luckily, Elder informs them that the Queen, the seventh person is always with them, so they can begin the ritual to call the Guardian.


The Guardian beginning the ceremony

The Guardian began the ceremony to get the power of creation, when suddenly an Earthquake occur. A loop in the ground opened, and a creature from darkness came: Ilkubo. He keeps saying that he won't let them call forth the power of creation. Quickly, Mipple and Mepple transform to their cellphone forms and the girls transform. Ilkubo claims that the power of darkness has made him much stronger and when Black tries to attack, he throws her away. White is also grabbed by him and with the darkness, starts to consume the Guardian and the Hopish in the darkness before disappearing with them, and the Pretty Cure.

Later everyone falls to the ground somewhere. The guardian separates from the Hopish and a voice informs them that they are in Dotsuku Zone. He then introduces himself as the ruler of it, Evil King

Major Events

  • Pollun assists the Cures and the fairies in returning to the Garden of Light.
  • Nagisa and Honoka meet the Elder and the Queen of the Garden of Light.
  • When trying to complete the restoration of the Garden of Light, Ilkubo re-appears and steals the Cures and the Prism Stones.





Secondary Characters


  • In this episode it was thought that all the fairies end their sentences with -po, until it was broken by Lulun's -lulu.
  • It was shown that the Guardian does not have to stand on the Hopish at all times. 
  • This is the very first episode to see a Cure (Misumi Nagisa), being transformed into a fairy, though this was imaginary and a joke by Honoka, it would later on happen for real during Smile Pretty Cure!'s 24th episode.


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