Decisive Battle! Pretty Cure vs. Ilkuubo (決戦!プリキュア対イルクーボ "Kessen! Purikyua tai Irukūbo"?), dubbed Match Point! Pretty Cure Vs. Ilkubo in the English dub, is the 24th episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure, and also the 24th episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall.


With Wisdom captured by Dotsuku Zone, the girls try to think of a plan on getting him back. But IIkubo returns sooner than expected for the two Prism Stones they still have. 


At camp, Kyouto-sensei and the Principal decide that everyone will go to bed right after dinner so that tomorrow morning they can get out from the mountain. He tells everyone to pray to the Mountain God, while a sad Nagisa and Honoka think about Wisdom being taken and how they were unable to protect hi

The Principal and Kyouto-sensei

m. Shiho and Rina think that it is their camping situation upsetting them however.

Later they try to contact Wisdom by using a card but this doesn't work. Mipple tells them that they must look for him and the stones but Mepple warns them that they need to be careful not to put the stones in any danger. Mipple is very passionate about the subject and makes an attempt to go and get them back herself, but after she falls over in cellphone form Mepple runs over to grab her. Nagisa and Honoka tell them that they need to be careful, with Honoka worrying over if they can really do this or not. 

Meanwhile it has gotten darker out now and Kyouto-sensei is walking around the camp. He thinks about ghosts and how they tend to appear around this time, but gets distracted when he falls down and claims to be sleepy all of the sudden. 

The following morning everyone is asleep. Shiho is found on the ground and Nagisa wakes up to see her. She tries to wake her but it's no use and Honoka runs in to inform her that nobody else is awake in the other room either so they go to check other rooms. Nagisa spots Akane-san sleeping too, as well as the teachers. It's then Mipple and Mepple begin to sense a dark power as the wind blows harder then before.

The girls run outside to see a tornado with Ilkubo inside. They ask to know what he did to everyone and he reveals a blue ball to the girls, stating that he has taken their life force and has returned for the two remaining stones. He attacks the girls and they transform before trying to attack in response. But once again it proves pointless as he changes the campsite to resemble the ruins of the city while saying this will be their future. He throws the girls into the side of a building and just as it was about to crush them, he stops it by saying it would be too hard and may crush the Prism Stones.

The girls use Marble Screw, but it isn't working either and Honoka claims they will need a miracle to win at this rate. Black then decides they may get a miracle if they attack with a Prism Stone pendant, so they continue to fight while Black spins and is able to hit the pendant, causing the city ruins to vanish and IIkubo to weaken. He decides to use his full power and drives the girls to the edge, along with using it to take the two remaining prism stones. The seven stones begin to react and suck all of Ilkubo's dark powers to weaken him before they return to Mepple and Mipple. Mepple claims that now he is weaker, the Pretty Cure takes this chance to use Marble Screw again, this time with the Prism Stones powering up the ability and working.

Ilkubo returns to the darkness and leavs a Prism Stone behind as everything returns to normal.

After arriving back at home, the girls take the purple stone from him and insert it into the Hopish, along with another stone. Nagisa asks if this is really okay and puts in another while asking if something will happen, and

Excited Honoka and surprised Nagisa

as she touches it she wonders if it might be broken until a dozen rainbows suddenly shoot out of it.

As Sanae sleeps she is unaware of the strong light, which breaks open the door and leads outside. They run out to see a giant rainbow stretching from the house to a far away distance, where Mepple reveals it leads to the Garden of Light.

Suddenly something comes from the rainbow and hits Nagisa on the head, where it is revealed to be the Rainbow Commune. Nagisa complains regarding this when the commune suddenly transforms into a mascot named Pollun. Pollun introduces himself as the Prince of Light that guides the way to the future, then announces that he wants to go to the Garden of Light too as Nagisa begins grumbling. He informs them that the Queen said to bring the Cures back too, and while the girls are excited he begins to whine and mention that the Elder is waiting for them.

While Honoka quietly, full of excitement agrees, Nagisa is too excited and shouts "arienai" as the episode ends.

Major Events

  • Pretty Cure defeats Ilkubo for the last time and gain his Prism Stone.
  • The Cures complete the Prism Hopish with all seven Prism Stones.
  • Upon completing the Prism Hopish, a rainbow appears upon which Pollun emerges for the first time.





Secondary Characters


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