No Way! Chuutaro Becomes a Mom!? (ウッソー!忠太郎ママになる!? "Ussō! Chūtarou Mama ni Naru!?"?), dubbed Puppy Pandemonium in the English dub, is the 22nd episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure, and also the 22nd episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall.


After Chuutaro begins to act strangely the girls discover a puppy and try to return it to it's owner. 


While drinking water from the river Chuutaro happens to overhear something. He runs to the sound to find a small yellow puppy inside of a box. At first the puppy is afraid of him, but it slowly begins to get closer until Honoka calls for him. Chuutaro turns to leave with her, but the puppy starts to whine, causing him to stop and look at it before leaving.

Later Nagisa and Honoka think back to their previous fight that resulted in another Prism Stone, but at the loss of Kiriya. But they are interrupted when Sanae calls Honoka to inform her of the bamboo branch she found for this years Tanabata Festival. Honoka asks if Chuutaro will help them decorate it again before noticing a spider web on the top of his head. She tries to remove it when Sanae comments on how weird Chuutaro has been since yesterday. He has been restless and keeps going in and out of the yard, and eating a lot more as well. 

Afterwards, the girls return Kiriya's Prism Stone. When the guardian asks them why they seem to be depressed, Mipple and Mepple just says that something happened but they don't want to talk about it. To change the subject Nagisa asks what happens to the Prism Stones after they get put into the Prism Hopish. Mipple with Mepple explain that the guardian takes them to another dimension that will protect them until they are needed. Nobody knows where this place is, to keep it protected. Nagisa happens to notice the Tanabata tree nearby and explains that they never have a big one since they live in an apartment. Ryouta tends to complain about this a lot, but they are interrupted again, this time by Chuutaro. 


Honoka and Chuutaro

The girls follow Chuutaro when they notice he isn't eating the food and they spot the little puppy beneath the house. Nagisa right away assumes that Chuutaro gave birth, but Honoka reminds her that he's a male. Nagisa goes under the house to take the puppy out and asks again if this could be Chuutaro's child. Then she wonders if Chuutaro brought it back since the mother couldn't raise it. This time Honoka points out that the puppy has a collar, so it must belong to someone. They read the name Moko, but Nagisa thinks they need to call it as Moko-chan since it has such soft fur. Chuutaro begins to paw Nagisa's back so she promises to stop, but not before she spots the address. 

Honoka mentions how close the location is to her home, so they get up to leave and return the puppy. The head over to the location but find nobody home. Honoka notices that there is not a name plate either, so they ask the neighbors, and call next door, where a man states that they probably moved. The girls go on to ask a nice older couple at the playground and while they point out where the people live, they do not recognize the puppy. 

As the girls continue to try to find the owners, the two dogs begin to converse. Chuutaro has picked up the same scent and Moko-chan believes it belongs to his owner, Akio-chan. Chuutaro comments that Akio-chan must be worried over Moko-chan, and Moko reveals how he accidentally got separated. They were riding in the car and by the time they stopped at a red light the cage had fallen and opened, causing Moko-chan to run away and since then, he hasn't seen Akio-chan. 

Meanwhile, the girls continue to look around. They have found a lot of people but they do not know their neighbors well. Suddenly a boy shows up and recognizes Moko-chan. Nagisa and Honoka ask him how he knows Moko-chan and the boy reveals that the puppy belongs to Akio-chan. Nagisa asks the boy if he knows where Akio lives and the boy explains that Akio-chan moved to a house with a big yard to have more room to play with Moko-chan. But he doesn't know where it is, although Akio-chan may be visiting the Planetarium. With no other leads the girls decide to check it out.  

The girls happen to find out that Chuutaro and Moko-chan are gone. Nagisa thinks that Chuutaro probably found a clue regarding Moko's owners, and this seems to be right, as Chuutaro is able to sniff out Akio-chan and his mother. Moko-chan thanks Chuutaro and calls him Amazing. Chuutaro gently scolds Moko-chan for addressing him so casually, since he is a Japanese Dog. So Moko-chan calls him Chuutaro-kun, before they happen to spot a stand of Yakitori. Moko is able to use his adorable puppy face to score them some food, but Chuutaro once again gently scolds him for trying to be so manipulative. 

Chuutaro happens to smell some flowers and they spot a girl watering the area - causing Chuutaro to lose the scent. Moko asks what they should do now and Chuutaro tells him to keep going. 

The girls come by the Yakitori stand and the salesman tells Honoka that he saw a little puppy go by being carried by a bigger dog. Then to her surprise she spots Nagisa making the same adorable face to get some Yakitori, resulting in Honoka dragging her away. They reach the Planetarium when Nagisa points out that even if they locate Akio-chan, they do not have Moko with them. Honoka claims this okay though since the two dogs are together anyway, and if Chuutaro is unable to locate anything, he will just return to her house. The girls observe the Planetarium and they begin to feel very nostalgic. 

Chuutaro and Moko continue searching, but by now Moko is worrying that they wont find Akio-chan. He asks Chuutaro if he will become is onii-chan if this happens, but before answering him Chuutaro happens to spell Nagisa and Honoka. 


The girls return Kiriya's Prism Stone

The girls decide to read the Tanabata wishes to look for Akio-chan's, thinking it may help them out. They read many wishes before Nagisa admits that she wanted to become a Battle Ranger when she was little, while Honoka mentions that she wanted to open a Flower Shop. They decide to watch the Planetarium show again, since it has been a really long time since they last did - but unknown to them they had missed a wish, saying that the owner was hoping Chiko would return quicker to them. The girls arrive but notice how early they are. Honoka begins to tell Nagisa the story about Tanabata and it's Festival. 

By now Chuutaro begins to wonder why he smells the girls there. The sky begins growing dark and he starts to bark and heads inside to find the girls, leaving a curious Moko to wonder about what is going on. 

The door at the planetarium hall closes shut and a monitor lights up. Mipple and Mepple worry though, as they have a dark feeling suddenly. The monitor turns on to show many constellations, which impresses everyone until one of the constellations transforms into a Zakenna. This startles everyone and the girls transform after another one changes into a Zakenna.

The girls try to fight the but the Zakenna change into their constellation forms to make the girls attacks miss. Chuutaro gets into the room and defends White from a nasty attack, allowing her to score a few hits on it. This happens with the other Zakenna before they both disappear. The girls worry that if this was to keep going on though, the fight may never end. 

It's then they happen to spot the monitor and realize it has become possessed. They use Marble Screw and successfully defeat the two Zakenna. Mipple and Mepple still feel strange though and Ilkubo appears to tell the girls to hand over the stones or else he will make them suffer. The girls refuse though because the Guardian has the stones. Ilukubo realizes that it is Wisdom who has them, shocking everyone since they had no idea the Guardian had a name. With that Ilkubo takes off while saying that if Wisdom has them, he has to make some preparations first.

Chuutaro and Moko-chan reappear by now and the girls spot the wish they missed, being carried by Chuutaro. They read over it and they head over to the address wrote down on it to find Akio-chan. Nagisa worries that Chuutaro may feel lonely now without Moko-chan, but Honoka knows he will be fine. Nagisa then points out that they need to be a lot more careful now since IIkubo may return again. They must do their best for the sake of the Prism Stone Kiriya entrusted to them. While the girls feel better, a saddened Honoka cries herself to sleep. 

Major Events

  • Ilkubo realizes that Wisdom is the reason why the Cures are protecting the Prism Stones.





Secondary Characters



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