A Shocking Date! Kiriya's True Identity (衝撃デート!キリヤの真実 "Shougeki Dētsu! Kiriya no Shinjitsu"?), dubbed The Truth about Kirea in the English dub, is the 21st episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure, and also the 21st episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Feelings of anger and loss cause Kiriya to separate himself from Honoka and reveals himself as a member of the Dotsuku Zone.


Nagisa and Honoka call Guardian to inform him that they obtained another Prism Stone, now they have five out of the seven. As usual Mipple is impressed by the Guardian and how he carries himself, leaving Mepple feeling jealous.

Meanwhile, at the Dotsuku Zone the Evil King is angered as Kiriya reminds himself of his plans to defeat Pretty Cure and regain the lost stones. He recalls losing his sister to the darkness and IIkubo warns him that as his existence is linked to the Evil King's existence and he must not give up to the power of light.

After school ends Honoka is leaving when she finds Kiriya waiting for her. They begin to walk from the school and out of curiousity she asks why he hasn't spoken to her all day. Rather then answer he asks if he likes their school, and she confirms that she does. He then claims how hard it was for him to adjust to it, but now he is glad he got the chance to come there. He had a little fun and he was able to meet Honoka, and they recall the work they did at the farm, and he remembers his apology to her after their dispute. As Honoka recalls these events with him she starts blushing as he comments that nobody has really tried to communicate with him the way she did.


Kiriya shows Honoka his prism stone

Suddenly it begins to rain, and Honoka offers her umbrella to Kiriya. He then reveals that he quit the school and will no longer be attending it. He goes on to ask Honoka how Mipple is going, and she remarks that she is sleeping at the time. It's then Kiriya removes his Prism Stone from his pocket and reveals it to Honoka as he goes on to tell her that he is actually a member of the Dotsuku Zone and it is his mission to defeat Pretty Cure. He has been aware of the girls identities since he came, but before he leaves he remarks that maybe if he had been in this world his fate could have been different.

As Honoka returns home Mipple awakens and asks if anything has happened today after noticing how saddened Honoka seems. Honoka claims she is okay as her grandmother joins her, and like Mipple she is also aware of something being off. Not only is Honoka soaked from the rain despite having an umbrella, she didn't even turn on the light like usual. Honoka goes on to ask her if people can change their fates, and Sanae responds that it depends on the person. If you really want to change your fate, you must have perseverance and need the strength to stand up against it.

The following morning Honoka calls Nagisa and asks to meet up at her place. Nagisa agrees, mentioning that her parents are out and arguing with her little brother after he attempts to speak to her when she shows up. She sends Honoka to her room and Honoka lets Mipple out to flirt and cuddle with Mepple while she admires Nagisa's room, calling it cute and remarking on how much fun the two fairies always seem to have.

Nagisa returns with juice and a bag of chips and comments on the duo being in their true forms so carelessly. Mipple is unable to understand her though, noticing Nagisa is holding the chip bag in her mouth, and Mepple translates, explaining that Ryouta might catch them because he always barges into the room without knocking. The girls sit down and Nagisa offers some chips to Honoka, but she refuses and brings up meeting with Kiriya after school the previous day. She brings up his confession- but due to the wording she accidentally causes Nagisa to suddenly spit out the chips in her mouth and all over her. Excited Nagisa asks to hear more, along with Mipple and Mepple, leaving Honoka confused until realizing why they're behaving like this. 


Nagisa, Mipple and Mepple heard Honoka's story

After clearing her face of chip residue, Honoka attempts to explain what she really meant. She states that Kiriya came from the Dotsuku Zone- leaving them further confused and repulsed by the fact this isn't actually a love story like they hoped. After a moment it suddenly dons on them what she meant, causing them to freak out. Nagisa expresses disbelief, asking why he would late this long to strike when he had plenty of chances, but Honoka admits that she doesn't really know. They will have to ask him for themselves.

Nagisa is still finding this hard to believe later on, and Honoka reveals she got a letter from Kiriya. But all that it said was "Tomorrow, at four AM".

With no other choice, the girl show up as told in the letter. They try to speak to Kiriya, but all he tells them is that if they wish to avoid battle they can hand over the stones now. He doesn't have any other choice, and seeing them hesitate he starts to attack as Nagisa tries to get him to see that he doesn't have to do this. Kiriya claims that he isn't under any sort of spell though, and that this is the real him as he attacks them again. Mipple and Mepple tell them to transform or else they might risk being defeated, and while they clearly do not want to do this the girls see they don't have a choice either. 

As the fight resumes, neither Black or White try to harm Kiriya. Mipple suggests they use Marble Screw, but White refuse, with Black saying they could never harm a friend, even knowing what they do now. White also claims that she feels the same way Kiriya does, implying her love for him, but he refuses to back down, saying that if he gave up now he would have to return to the darkness. Black claims he is unable to understand honoka's feelings, but when he struggles to attack White she takes this moment to push him away. He asks why they are fighting so hard to protect the Garden of Light when it doesn't even involve them, and Black states that it is because they are the only ones who can, causing Mipple and Mepple to start crying. White then states that no matter what happens to them, they will not hand the Prism Stones over.

Now aware of how much pain White is in, Black stops to tell Kiriya that he is hurting her by doing this. She asks if he would be happy if they gave him the Prism Stones despite knowing this, causing him to pause and look at his own momentarily. To their surprise, he suddenly stops and approaches them, handing over his stone while saying he is without the power to change his fate. But they have the power to change theirs, and this is all he can do about his. Seeing IIkubo there behind him, he tells that he won't be running after being asked, knowing what awaits him for betraying the Evil King. Kiriya accepts this and leaves with him, leaivng IIkubo impressed by Pretty Cure's power as he leaves.

Back to normal, Honoka and Nagisa sit together and wonder if Kiriya actually meant what he told her a few days ago. They remark that he may not have been so different then a normal junior high student, and Nagisa comments that he wasn't able to change the fate he was born with, but in the end he showed true courage to fight against it, and gave them his Prism Stone. They make a vow that in order to protect this courage, they must protect Mepple and Mipple at all cost. While they sadly think about losing their friend, they notice the sun beginning to clear the rain away.

Major Events

  • Affected by the death of his sister Poisony, Kiriya reveals his true identity to Yukishiro Honoka.
  • After losing to the Cures and sacrificing his Prism Stone, Kiriya is escorted by Ilkubo back to the Dotsuku Zone, presumably to return to the darkness.





Secondary Characters


  • Heart to Heart was played when Cure Black and Cure White was fighting Kiriya.
  • This is the only episode where Kiriya fighting the girls.
    • As a result this is Kiriya's final episode, until he's seen again by Honoka during a vision in episode 44.
  • It is unknown what happens to Kiriya after Ilkubo takes him away, but he does appear again later in the series, fighting alongside the girls, meaning he may have been punished, but not killed.
  • This is the second time the girls meet Ilkubo.


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