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Dotchi ga Honmono? Futari no Honoka
Futari wa Pretty Cure episode 20
"Who is Real? The Two Honokas"
Air date June 13, 2004 (Japan)
July 27, 2009 (U.S.A)
Episode Guide
Opening Danzen! Futari wa Pretty Cure
Together We Are Pretty Cure
Ending Get You! Love Love?!
Directed by Ito Naoyuki
Written by Kawasaki Ryo
Animated by Tamegai Katsumi
Art design by Yuki Sinzo, Shiozaki Hiromitsu

Who is Real? The Two Honokas (どっちが本物?ふたりのほのか "Dotchi ga Honmono? Futari no Honoka"?), dubbed A Double Dose of Smart in the English dub, is the twentieth episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure, and also the twentieth episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall.


The episode begins with Honoka and the science club attempting to make perfume. While most of the club members fail to create anything that's not repulsive, Honoka excels. She fills a spray bottle with her mixture and tries out her perfume, which earns the praise of her fellow club members.

Meanwhile, while playing lacrosse, Nagisa thinks about the previous episode's encounter with Ilkubo. Thinking that it was a miracle that they defeated him, she dreads her next encounter with the strongest of Dark King's army. However, she also notes that Pretty Cure may be getting stronger. She continues her game with a renewed drive to retrieve the remaining Prism Stones as soon as possible.

Dark King comments on the fact that the light is drawing ever nearer, and that light must be conquered. Clearly growing impatient, he sends Poisony on a new mission to defeat Pretty Cure and gain control of the Prism Stones. After being teased by Kiriya, Poisony makes it clear that she will do everything in her power to succeed after so many failures. Ilkubo makes sure that she understands the gravity of the situation by reiterating that the Dark Zone, all of its inhabitants, and Dark King himself are at risk of being consumed and destroyed by the light. Poisony plans to capture Pretty Cure and take back the Prism Stones that Pisard and Gekidrago had with them.

After lacrosse, Nagisa agrees to go home with Honoka and waits for her at the gate as they settled on. But Honoka is late and Mepple starts to yell how hungry he is. Nagisa argues with him until he eventually insults her, then calls her cute. She quickly slashes a card and gets him to go back to sleep, just as "Honoka" arrives. She explains to Nagisa that the upper classmen in Chemistry stopped her. They then head home.

Another Honoka comes running by, only to be stopped by Kiriya who compliments her scent. She explains the perfume she had been working on in the science room and he was the only one to identify the scent. He then begins to say something, then stops himself.

Meanwhile, Nagisa and "Honoka" stop at Akane-san's place and order some Takoyaki. Akane gives them double and when Nagisa asks her why she isn't eating any, "Honoka" claims that the perfumes scent she used earlier is hurting her head. Nagisa offers to help her home, but she claims to be fine. Nagisa then reveals to "Honoka" that she put Mepple to sleep, then asks her how Mipple is doing and mentions that they got into an arguement. "Honoka" asks her to see something, but Akane arrives to inform Nagisa that she will be attending the next lacrosse match. After that "Honoka" asked again to see Mipple and Nagisa is able to realize this isn't her, because Honoka would never leave Mipple behind and not know of her location. Nagisa then runs off, but "Honoka" trails behind her.

Honoka soon comes by Akane's and is told that Nagisa went home with her already. This makes Honoka also realize something is wrong...

Nagisa heads to the train area, thining she is safe. But she finds Honoka trying to find her and is then met with the other "Honoka". Both try to prove to her which is the real one, and one of them has Nagisa smell her hand for the perfume to prove it. She has the perfume Honoka made, but the other one claims it isn't enough proof and reveals that she has the bottle on hand. The other Honoka then claims that the other one probably snuck into the science club to take the bottom. They both continue to try to prove who is the real one, one by saying she likes chocolate while the other says Takoyaki, but both answers are right.

Nagisa is soon able to realize which one is the real Honoka because she admits to having slightly smelly socks, which she could recall reading in her notebook. "Honoka" then transforms into Poisony while the girls run into the nearby warehouse and lock the gates. Poisony is able to break the gates just with a scream and the girls transform. They struggle to fight against her and she claims that she admires their courage and luck before changing her hair into a monster to attack. She begins to spin Cure Black and Mepple after grabbing her and claims they stand no chance to defeat her. She then throws Black, then catches both girls and throws them again. They use Marble Screw on her but she dodges it. Black claims they should try again, but Poisony grabs her before they can, not allowing them to connect hands in order to do it.

In Dusk Zone, Kiriya seems to understand what has happened to his sister. Ilkubo explains that everyone who fails must return to the darkness, because they are creatures of darkness. They only have two options, to live in it or to fade away in the light.

Kiriya goes off to be alone for a while, thinking about his sisters return to the darkness. Which causes him enough pain to break down and start screaming...

Major Events

  • Nagisa and Honoka have obtained the orange Prism Stone.





Secondary Characters


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