Full-Throttle stress! Being the Madonna is tough (ストレス全開!マドンナはつらいよ "Sutoresu Zenkai! Madon'na Hatsurai yo?), dubbed Practice Makes Perfect in the English dub, is the 16th episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure, and also the 16th episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Nagisa struggles to try to understand the school superstar after she believes the girl doesn't like her. Poisony takes advantage of this to use Yuka as part of her plan to defeat Pretty Cure. 


In the Dotsuku Zone, the Evil King speaks with the remaining villains. Kiriya begins to make comments causing Poisony to rudely respond. Evil King goes on to say that with the cures already possessing two of the Prism Stones, they cannot allow the girls to get any more. 

On the way to school in a limo is a pretty girl who steps out of it upon arrival. She thanks the driver and heads inside of the school, unaware that Poisony is watching her. 

Nagisa is in the middle of Lacrosse practice when everyone begins to leave as they learn the school superstar is in the middle of playing volleyball. They all want to watch her play, and because of her talents the team wins. As they walk away, Nagisa and her friends discuss Yuka and the fact that she isn't even on the volleyball team. It turns out she was only helping because she's done this for the tennis team also. They try to determine which club Yuka actually is in when Honoka comes by to reveal that she is in the Science Club.

As Honoka and Nagisa begin to leave, they are approached by Yuka. She apologizes for not being around lately and asks for an update as to what has been going on in the club lately. She mentions how beautifully Nagisa had handled a situation earlier, but she asks her to be more careful the next time before leaving. 

The following morning Nagisa rushes to school and decides to take a shortcut when suddenly she notices a limo behind her. She moves out of the way and spots Yuka in the limo. After they lock eyes momentarily Yuka ducks to avoid being seen by Nagisa while the driver drops her off at the nearby alleyway leading to Verone Academy. Nagisa continues to rush to school but unfortunately doesn't make it to class in time and has to clean the blackboard erasers as punishment. 


Nagisa notices a limo

As she is doing this, Honoka comes by and offers to help Nagisa. As they are playing around Yuka approaches and notices how much fun they have. Nagisa asks her if she would like to join them and for a moment, Yuka considers this. She deems it to be childish however, and walks away as Nagisa makes a claim that Yuka hates her. Honoka tries to explain that she doesn't though, with both girls unaware that Yuka is listening to them. 

Later the girls are leaving as Yuka continues to watch them. She seems a little saddened but hurriedly tries to pay it no mind. She comes to a fortune tellers stand and the woman unleashes a Zakenna that takes the shape of Yuka's shadow, unleashing many clones of her.

At the park Nagisa and Honoka are walking when they see Yuka. Honoka greets her but she does not say anything, causing Nagisa to claim she hates her again. After Honoka mentions that she's acting weird, a bunch of other Yuka begin to walk by as the girls stare in disbelief. Seeing Poisony they quickly transform into Pretty Cure and are surrounded by many Yuka. After being informed that Yuka is in the crowd, they decide not to fight too roughly to avoid hurting her. They recall being told that the Zakenna possessed her shadow, so she runs into the nearby building and turns on the lights surrounding them to make all of the shadows vanish. But Poisony just summons more. 

Nagisa gets an idea and they use a marker to make the Yuka that was there before Poisony summoned more. To make sure they know which one is the true Yuka, Honoka draws facial features, along with a heart mark on her forehead. But Poisony refuses to admit defeat and she makes the Zaenna transform into a giant one. Nagisa isn't very concerned though and the girls quickly defeat it, so Poisony takes off. 

That following day at school, Nagisa ask if Honoka thinks the scribbling all came off. They picture it and begin to laugh, and as Yuka happens to walk by she frets that the marker is still on her face and runs away to go and check, causing the girls to laugh more. 

Major Events

  • Verone Acadenmy madonna Odajima Yuka makes her first appearance





Secondary Characters



  • When Nagisa says that they cannot let Poisony get away, the top part of her shirt is purple. 


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