Fake or Real!? Impostor Pretty Cure on the Loose (ウソホント!?ニセプリキュア大暴れ "Uso Honto!? Nise Purikyua Daiabare"?), titled Spot the Fakes in the English dub, is the 14th episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure, and also the 14th episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall.


It's a race for time when the girls try to find the fake Pretty Cure before Poisony does. 


Poisony and the Evil King chat amongst themselves. She explains how soon she will be bringing the two Prism Stones they lost back and as she goes to leave, Ilkubo begins to ask if she can really capture the Pretty Cure or not. 


Baking class at Verone

Meanwhile, at Verone Acadamy everyone is busy baking in groups at their table. Nagisa is worried that she and Honoka may have been caught as Pretty Cure when Shiho and Rina approach her to ask if she has heard about Pretty Cure. Immediately, this gets Nagisa and Honoka's attention as the girls recall what Kyoko had mentioned.

As they continue to bake, Nagisa suddenly starts to act suspicious when she and Honoka happen to overhear Natsuko mentions Cure Black likes strawberries, not vanilla. Both girls look at her to ask what she means by this, but Natsuki and Kyoko refuses to say anything since it has to be a secret. They mention just seeing Pretty Cure the other day, but they are unable to say anything else as the teacher angrily tells them to get back to work.

After school Honoka and Nagisa are at Akane's Tako Cafe. She is upset over hearing what people think of her as Cure Black, and Mepple only makes her more annoyed. As they eat, Mepple complains that he is hungry and she takes a moment to swipe the Omp card through the slot. Honoka asks Mipple if she's hungry as well but she thinks eating too much isn't healthy and refuses. Akane approaches to thank the girls for watching her cart and she starts discussing Pretty Cure. The girls ask her what she may have seen and she points them out to where she noticed them. But this leaves the girls confused, as the information doesn't add up, causing Mipple to wonder if the imposters would be targeted by Dotsuku Zone.


Akane as Cure Black

Nagisa and Honoka take off when suddenly, Nagisa just happens to spot the imposters: Kyoko and Natsuko. Together the four sit down to chat as a group of little children run by. Kyoko and Natsuko greet them and try to go, but before they can, Nagisa asks them why they were doing this. They explain that they were only originally teasing each other by pretending to be Pretty Cure, but the children spotted them to ask them if they meant it, and unable to lie, the girls decided they would be Pretty Cure for them.

Although the story is kind, Nagisa and Honoka try to convince them to stop playing around since they could get hurt - but they take this as them being rude and storm off instead. Nagisa decides they should just leave them alone for the time being, but Honoka is highly concerned.

As the girls run by they are cornered by Poisony. Nagisa and Honoka give chase and are led to the top of an old, worn down, abandoned building, where they find Natsuko and Kyoko standing there. They approach the girls and they grab them as Poisony reveals herself. She goes over her plans to them as the girls get free and transform, then she unleashes a giant machine Zakenna on them. Instead of fighting, Black and White try to save Natsuko and Kyoko from getting hurt while protecting themselves.

After a while, Nagisa and Honoka try to convince Poisony to fight fairly and snap Kyoko and Natsuko out of their mind control. But she refuses and forces the cures to take them and hide. She is able to find them really quick and sends both Zakenna after them when a rainbow shield appears to protect the four girls. Kyoko and Natsuko slowly snap out of their mind-control and the two convince them to just hang in there and hold on as they lose consciousness. Poisony then asks them why they care about some girls that don't mean anything to them and the girls retort by using Marble Screw to destroy the Zakenna and Poisony retreats.

As she does, and the girls turn back into their normal forms they wait for Natsuko and Kyoko to wake up. They ask about Pretty Cure to see if the girls really know anything, but they take off when it turns out they do not. Unknown to them, Kiriya was shown to be watching.

The following afternoon, Nagisa and Honoka watch Kyoko and Natsuko play around as Pretty Cure again, commenting that they still can't get the catchphrases right. 





Secondary Characters

Major Events


  • Nagisa breaks the fourth wall while they bake in class. She looks at the viewer/camera, instead of Honoka, and Shiho asks her where she is looking.
  • As Natsuko grabs onto Nagisa and she turns to see the giant Iron ball heading for her, the ruffles on her sleeves are dark blue like her costume, instead of light pink.


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