Beware! The Young Transfer Student (ご用心!年下の転校生 "Goyōjin! Toshishita no tenkōsei"?), dubbed Who's the New Student? in the English dub, is the 13th episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure, and also the 13th episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall.


A new transfer student appears and gains everyones attention. But he only appears interested in the one person that hasn't been showering him with attention: Honoka.


Nagisa takes a break from Lacross when she happens to spot Fujipi-sempai, playing soccer. She stops to admire him when she notices his several fan-girls, but suddenly another boy shows up and manages to surpass the other players and score a goal. He goes on to introduce himself as Irisawa Kiriya.

Meanwhile, a girl comes to science club to tell everyone about the news. While everyone wishes to go see him, Yuriko refuses to let them go, especially Honoka, since they need to keep working for the upcoming Science Fair.

The next day, Shiho and Rina are talking about Kiriya with Nagisa, saying that they both want to be his girlfriends and that he will become as great as Fujipi-senpai. Then Nagisa thinks about her and Fujipi as boyfriend and girlfriend, but finds herself ashamed with her thoughts and begins to beat her head with the nearby metal fence. This happens to catch Kiriya's attention from the distance. 

During lunch Nagisa realizes that she forgot to prepare for Math and intends to ask Honoka for help, but when she doesn't show up for lunch she goes to look for her. Honoka explains about their research to Nagisa, saying that they will create Little Earth and that they will use this in the next science presentation, but Nagisa is more concerned over her lunch, having totally forgot about her own problem. Honoka and Yuriko both offer their lunches to her, but Honoka is concerned that Nagisa can't eat this much; only to find that as soon as she finished saying this, she's already finished. But as the bell rings, Nagisa recalls Math, yet again. 

An annoyed Nagisa heads home after school ends, complaining over being left late at school for a review when she happens to trip and hits a lamp. She falls and Kiriya comes by to ask if she is okay, which she confirms herself to be. He reveals that he knows her name since she has a reputation of being the schools Lacrosse Junior Ace, then he takes off. 

Meanwhile, at school's science class the students are almost finished with their project, but they still do not have a name. Yuriko suggests that they call it Honoka #1 and voices how sure she is that it will surenly win first place.

Kiriya tries to talk with Honoka

As Honoka is making her way home, Kiriya tries to talk with her but she is not interested. Yuriko comes along to ask if it is really okay for the Science Club to go over to her home, then she tries to make a conversation with Kiriya, but when Honoka realizes that the train is going they have to leave.

He curiously watches the train as a strange dog standing on it's two hind legs approaches. The dog is revealed to be Poisony, who states he was just dumped.


Poisony and Kiriya

Kiriya voices that he is only interested in Nagisa and Honoka, since they beat Pisard and Gekidrago. In this time it is revealed that Poisony is the older sister of Kiriya. Then he points out how strange her appearance is, standing the way she is and they happen to observe the curious passerby's.

Later in the science fair, Honoka notices how nervous Yuriko is and points out that she messed up while getting dressed. Nagisa starts to argue with Mepple and Kiriya appears again to greet her, causing her to ask if he is alone. He claims that he came with the captain, then Fujipi-sempai comes and voices how he came to support Honoka. Kiriya then excuses himself, saying that he forgot something and leaves them alone. Nagisa finds herself very nervous and Mepple teases her, causing her to try to shush him while Fujipi questions what is going on. As Nagisa attempts to say something, the Science Fair begins so they quiet down.  

As Honoka's turn arrives she explains to everyone how lightning is created and Poisony, who is disguised as one of the judges, secretly calls Zakenna to cause an electrical surge. Honoka tells Yuriko to run away, suspecting that this is Dotsuku Zone's doing.

After everyone except for Nagisa, Honoka, two girls who fell asleep, and Yuriko have escaped, the doors are shut so that nobody can get in and out. From Honoka #1, Zakenna arise to confirm her suspiciouns. The Zakenna makes a surge to cause part of the stage to fall, but the two girls who were sleeping awake and manage to dodge the falling debris by hiding under the chairs, so Honoka and Nagisa transform. Which the girls happen to watch with curiosity. 

When Black and White are fighting Zakenna, Yuriko comes and asks Black and White to stop fighting Honoka #1, she tells them how much everyone put their heart and soul into making it and does not want them to destroy it. The Zakenna targets Yuriko but Black manages to save her. She then faints as Black calls out Poisony. She tries to battle her, but Poisony dodges her attacks before escaping through a wall. 

When the Zakenna is about to attack with lightning again, the girls use Marble Screw to drive away the Zakenna. So Poisoony retreats as the girls watch the little stars remaining of the Zakenna flee. 

Later, when Yuriko woke up the girls explain what happened, leaving out Pretty Cure and the fight. She believes what they have said and later on, during the presentation, she reveals that they chose to name it after Honoka because she is very important with their research. But they show that it was renamed Yuriko #1 because she tried her best and they thought it was more special to name it after her. She begins to tear up upon hearing this and everyone starts to clap while Kiriya looks sightly annoyed.





Secondary Characters

Major Events

  • Kiriya joins the boys' school at Verone Academy in order to investigate the Cures.
  • Yuriko, the president of Honoka's science club, is formally introduced.
  • Koshino Natsuko and Mori Kyoko make a cameo and their first appearance; they'll have a more notable appearance in the next episode due to what happens here.


  • During the fight scene in this episode, two girls watch pretty cure. This is what inspires their imitations of them in FwPC14.


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