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The end of Pretty Cure! Isn't it too soon!? (プリキュア解散!ぶっちゃけ早すぎ!? "Purikyua Kaisan! Bucchake Hayasugi!?"?), dubbed The Pretty Cure Breakup in the English dub, is the 8th episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure, and also the 8th episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Nagisa declares that she and Honoka aren't friends after being embaressed in front of Fujimura. While Honoka tries to fix things, Nagisa refuses to even talk to her and they call Pretty Cure quits.



Nagisa falls in Rina's hands

Nagisa is with Shiho and Rina, discussing where to get the best cakes from in town. They discuss a cafe with good strawberry cake, or a hotel Shiho visited with really good chocolate cake with caramel mousse inside. But Nagisa has her mind on other things and thinks about the trouble Gekidrago caused the other day. She easily snaps out of it right after though, spotting  Fujimura Shougo, her long time crush and Honoka together across the street walking together.

While observing them she begins to wonder if she has anything to worry about, recalling that Honoka claimed them to be just friends. However, she's still concerned since they appear very close, but she is distracted again when Shiho suddenly realizes that she wasn't listening. 

During Reading Time in class, Nagisa continues to think about Fujimura and Honoka. She even ends up claiming that if she was a boy she would probably go after girls fitting Honoka's type, but this gets her into trouble with the teacher, so she is forced to read the next part. 

Near the end of class, Nagisa excuses herself to go and use the restroom. Rina mentions that she hasn't been acting normal lately, and as Nagisa spots Honoka she makes an attempt to ask her about Fujimura once more. But they are interupted by Mepple and Mipple, who come out and receive scoldings for not bothering to check before transforming. Mepple claims that Nagisa doesn't understand the feelings of being in love and upon being asked by Mipple, Mepple begins to whisper what he meant to her. Nagisa yells at him when Honoka reminds her that she had wanted to ask her something a moment ago, but Nagisa reconsiders and tells her it isn't important while grabbing Mepple. 

Later that evening, at Honoka's, Mipple is in the middle of eating dinner when Honoka begins to ask her about her relationship with Mepple. Mipple explains how she waited a very long time for him, so now she's only faithful to him. She asks if Honoka has anyone she likes, but she claims not to really be into dating for the time being. It's then Mipple mentions that Nagisa is highly concerned about someone named "Fujipi-mipo", but before Honoka can continue to talk, her grandmother arrives with some tea. As she goes to leave, she asks about Nagisa before voicing that she is happy that Honoka has a friend like her. 

Meanwhile, at Nagisa's house, she is trying to convince herself not to worry but she can't help but worry anyway. As she rolls back and forth on the floor, her brother comes in to ask if he can borrow her CD when he sees her rolling around. She throws her pillow at him and scolds him for not bothering to knock, so in response he claims this is why she doesn't have a boyfriend yet. Nagisa angrily tries to beat him up while Ryouta calls for their mom.

Nagisa, Honoka and Fujimura

That following morning, Nagisa, who is half asleep, stands by the streetlight waiting for the signal to change. She hears someone call for her and looks to find Honoka and Fujimura walking towards her, making her wonder if they really are just friends while they cross the street. Nagisa remains silent while Fujimura discusses about being unable to focus on much other than playing soccer. Honoka happens to spot Nagisa looking at him, but upon doing so Nagisa is quick to look away. This makes Honoka realize that she never introduced them yet. 

As Honoka goes on to do so, she is scolded by Fujimura for calling him Fujipi, a name he used to go by growing up because his friends deemed him not a morning person due to a lack of calcium. Honoka mentions she was glad to have introduced them, since Nagisa wanted to speak with him for a while now. But in saying this, they both focus their attention Nagisa, flustering her enough into storming off in a huff.

A curious Honoka trails behind her and tries to ask her what the problem it. Nagisa calls her insensitive and claims that Honoka shouldn't have been so meddlesome and how wrong she was in interfering. Honoka tries to explain that she was only trying to help Nagisa, and she tries to comfort her. But Nagisa pulls away and yells at Honoka by saying they're not friends, which shocks both girls. Nagisa starts to regret her words right away but is unable to fix things after Honoka takes off. 

That following afternoon in class, Honoka keeps thinking about earlier when Nagisa had yelled at her. She is very hurt and upset, and the same seems to be said for Nagisa, who can't focus on much else. This goes into Lunch, where Nagisa isn't touching anything or even talking. Shiho notices this and demands to know what the problem is when suddenly Honoka appears, but when she sees Nagisa she leaves. Shiho continues to wonder what is going on when Rina asks if the girls had a fight. But they do not get an answer when Nagisa decides to leave as well, leaving Rina to wonder if she said something offensive.

At the end of school, Nagisa is getting her shoes as Shiho and Rina try to ask her about what happened, but Honoka shows up to speak to Nagisa in private. Before they go, they tell Nagisa that she can tell them anything in hopes of comforting her a little. Honoka starts by apologizing for what happened that morning before taking out her Card Commune, stating that someone like her is not right to be a Pretty Cure since she doesn't want to hurt Nagisa's feelings again. She also points out that people who can trust each other are better suited for this and she hands over Mipple before running away.

Sadly Nagisa then heads home, where she is yelled at by Mepple; who demands to know what happened that morning. While she looks through her things, Nagisa pulls out the notebook/diary that Wisdom had given to the two of them. Mipple wants Nagisa to make up with Honoka, and Mepple continues to scold her before Mipple suggests that Nagisa should write her true feelings in the notebook and mentions that only those with the Power from the Garden of Light can read it, so it will be private. Nagisa decides to try it, but she can only write "I cant believe this" almost ten times before Mipple scolds her again.

At Honoka's, she too finds the notebook/Diary and sits down while stating she will have to return it to Mipple the next day.

The next morning at school, Nagisa approaches Honoka and greets her. At first it seems okay, but after Honoka says good morning, she runs away from her. Nagisa tries again and asks her to eat lunch together but Honoka has a meeting, then again during cleaning duty at the end of the school day when Nagisa offers to help Honoka with the trash but Honoka insists she can carry it on her own. So with no where else to turn, Nagisa prays to God instead at one of the shrines in town as Mepple and Mipple tell her it's not enough.

Suddenly Gekidrago appears. Honoka is walking nearby when she hears Nagisa and runs to find her tangled up by Gekidrago. She is hit and sent flying back with such impact that a huge tear is ripped into her backpack, sending books and objects flying. Nagisa uses her Lacrosse stick to make the tree Zakenna release the Card Communes and Honoka catches them. She tries to thow Honoka hers but takes a few minutes with the tree Zakenna trying to hit her with its long, whip-like roots.

They turn into Pretty Cure when Cure White suddenly Cure Black off for the comment she made earlier, but when Cure Black tries to explain it's only a figure of speech, the fight breaks out so they are unable to keep conversing until Cure Black tells her that now isn't the time to bicker, but only "Stuck-up individuals" would keep going. They narrowly miss being hit as Cure White tells Cure Black people have to talk things out in order to understand each other better, and while they agree on it they're too different from each other to do that.

Gekidrago keeps demanding they don't ignore him, but the girls decide to shut him up with Marble Screw. As the battle comes to an end, they hurriedly let go of each others hands, pick up their books, and take their leave.

That evening, Honoka is talking with her grandmother about their fight when her grandmother mentions it doesn't matter if they match perfectly, as long as she does what she thinks is right.

At Nagisa's, she is also discussing things with her mother while they prepare dinner. She feels really bad, when her mother points out that people only fight with people they care about, to which Nagisa yells at her brother to be quiet as he laughs at a funny book/manga.

Honoka goes over the diary entry she wrote earlier but realizes that she picked up the wrong one. She hurriedly shuts it, then slowly opens it to take a peak at one Nagisa wrote. Nagisa also ends up doing the same thing, and soon they begin to understand each others feelings and what happened. 

The following morning, both girls end up at the same place as where their fight had begun a few days before. They switch the diaries, but before they can seperate, Nagisa grabs Honoka's hand and they begin to run off together.

Major Events

  • Nagisa is formally introduced to Fujimura Shougo.
  • The diaries/notebooks given to them by Wisdom is used for the first time.





Secondary Characters


  • A fight much like this one appears in Suite Pretty Cure.
    • Also to note, a fight like this also occurs in Ojamajo Doremi and is solved the same way: by the two girls sharing their feelings through a notebook.
  • Mepple knew Fujipi's name before Nagisa.


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