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A Bitter Lacrosse Battle! A Young Girl's Heart is Super Delicate! (熱闘ラクロス!乙女心は超ビミョー! "Nettō Rakurosu! Otomegokoro wa Chō Bimiyō!"?), dubbed Lacrossed Wires in the English Dub, is the 7th episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure, and also the 7th episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall.


With being Cure Black and the Captain of the school Lacrosse Team, Nagisa has a lot on her mind. But when she thinks Honoka may be dating her crush, nothing else seems to matter and she struggles to concentrate on anything else.



Nagisa playing Lacrosse

While playing Lacrosse Nagisa finds herself momentarily distracted as she recalls their defeat of Pisard once and for all. But not even long after, someone new appears and fought them. She is glad they managed to protect Mepple and Mipple, but wonders if he will come back anytime soon. However, she feels better at least knowing they have the Guardian to watch and protect the Prism Stones now.

Just as the ball suddenly comes flying at her, Nagisa snaps out of her thoughts and defends herself from getting it. She runs off to retrieve it and runs into Honoka; who also spotted it and wanted to give it back to her while wishing her luck. 

The following afternoon, the team is at the championship Lacrosse playing field against the team from the "Otakagu Girls Junior High School". After a few cheers from the Vice Principal, voicing his opinion, the game begins. Everyone from Verone Academy starts cheering and yelling for Nagisa, while Shiho and Rina give their annoyed opinions regarding what the Vice Principal said. But they choose to ignore it and focus on the game as Nagisa takes a moment to greet Honoka, spotting her sitting down.

As she starts to approach, Nagisa notices that her crush is there joining Honoka, and this instantly angers her. She tries to force herself to calm down, not knowing that the two are actually talking about her. Fujimura is very impressed with Nagisa, but he is surprised to know of her new friendship with Honoka, since they are so different. Unfortunately, due to how upset Nagisa is, she is unable to concentrate and accidentally lets the other team score.

Meanwhile at the Dotsuku Zone, Evil King is talking with Gekidrago and how upset he is. Having lost the Prism Stone that belonged to Pisard to them, he starts to lecture Gekidrago and tells him to think of ways to use the Zakenna.

Back at the game, Otakagu Girls school is in the lead. Nagisa almost scores, rather bitter over how poorly she is doing while Honoka tries to figure out what is wrong with her. They stop for a break while the Principal and Vice Principal discuss how bad things are going, and Yumiko approaches Nagisa to ask her why she's doing badly today, however, she is sure that tomorrow she will do a lot better.

Sad Nagisa

As the game ends, Nagisa happens to see that Honoka and Fujimura have left. She goes to change and spots Honoka after leaving, and Honoka runs up to her to try to console her. She brings up how Mepple and Mipple wished to see each other and the girls head somewhere private in order to hang out in peace without concern of being spotted. Honoka asks Nagisa if something is bothering her, since she does not seem to be alright, and at first Nagisa denies everything before voicing confusion in seeing that Honoka even showed up. Honoka asks if she shouldn't have, and Nagisa tells her that she didn't need to go out of her way just to please her, then tries to bring up Fujimura, but chickens out and begins to laugh it off.

That following night at home, Nagisa is busy trying to determine the status between Honoka and Fujimura when suddenly her brother comes in. He bothers her over losing the game, but Nagisa is able to silence him by angrily chasing him into her closet. She refuses to let him out of it until he surrenders and stops harassing her.

The next day Nagisa rushes to the Lacrosse tournament, noticing how late she is when she sees how worried Shiho and Rina look. They point out the team they will be challenging today, known as "Kakutokandai Junior High School". They are increasingly nervous, seeing how tough this team looks in comparison to their opponents yesterday. But this time, when Nagisa sees Honoka she starts to feel better.

Mipple speaks to Honoka quietly and reveals that she has been having a bad feeling. They suddenly spot an explosion further in town and Honoka runs away from the field to find Gekidrago as he destroys a street light. She realizes that he has heading to the field and quickly tries to find a distraction so that he will chase her in the opposite direction. It works for a while, and Mepple tries to get Nagisa's attention after he is unable to feel Mipple's prescense.

At first Nagisa is unable to understand, and with the game coming up she can't just leave. He tries to convince Nagisa to search for them anyway, and she takes off. The game starts and with the girls noticing that Nagisa is missing, they have no choice but to start playing.

Honoka refuses to hand over the Prism Stones but Gekidrago remains persistent and continues to trail behind her. Nagisa arrives and they transform to fight, narrowly avoiding being hit as they notice the Vice Principal there. He asks why they are in a restricted area, but they are unsure of how to respond or answer. Cure Black tries to warn him when Gekidrago gets the idea on how to use his Zakenna and he casts his dark powers onto the Vice Principal. 

The Zakenna begins to attack the girls with a long pointer stick all while scolding them for being bad students, and how a lot of students never give him the respect he deserves. This causes Honoka to stop and scold Nagisa for running through the halls with her normal shoes on, but Nagisa claims to have been in a hurry. 

Back at the game, the team is having difficulty and feel hopeless without Nagisa. Yuriko tries to convince Shiho and Rina that she will come back, but since the game is almost near an end and they are at their limit, their doubts further increase.


Nagisa's team wins the game

The girls use Marble Screw on the Vice Principal Zakenna to quickly stop him and rid of Gekidrago. They transform to normal and run back to the game, hoping they aren't too late. While doing so, Nagisa finally asks Honoka about Fujimura by pointing out that she saw them together, then mentions how Honoka showed up alone today. They come to a stop as Honoka explains he is a childhood friend and that they played together as children, so she sees him like an older brother; but as she attempts to ask Nagisa why she asked, she continues to run.

Now happy to know that Honoka isn't dating her crush, Nagisa is in higher spirits and makes it to the game with less then thirteen minutes remaining. But with a last minute score they win the game. 

Meanwhile, at the off limit playing field the Vice Principal is asleep on one of the rows of seats. While in the lake nearby, Gekidrago is floating through with a seagull using him as a resting spot as the episode draws to an end.

Major Events

  • Nagisa learns that her crush Fujimura Shougo is Honoka's childhood friend.





Secondary Characters


  • Before Verone Academy cheers for their team by holding their Lacrosse sticks, if you look at the group many of them are missing the nett.
  • This is the first episode in which a human is transformed into a Zakenna.


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