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Majiyaba! Sutemi no Pīsādo
Futari wa Pretty Cure episode 05
20140606202456!Story img 3
"Serious Trouble! A Desperate Pisard"
Air date February 29, 2004 (Japan)
April 3, 2009 (U.S.A)
Episode Guide
Opening DANZEN! Futari wa Pretty Cure
Together We Are Pretty Cure
Ending Get You! Love Love?!
Directed by Ito Naoyuki
Written by Kawasaki Ryo
Animated by Tamegai Katsumi
Art design by Yuki Sinzo, Shiozaki Hiromitsu

Serious Trouble! A Desperate Pisard (マジヤバ!捨て身のピーサード "Majiyaba! Sutemi no Pīsādo"?), dubbed Is It Over Yet? in the English dub, is the 5th episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure, and also the 5th episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Pisard pleads with the Dark King to give him a final chance to defeat Pretty Cure. The Dark King is very upset by all of Pisard's failures but agrees to give him one more chance. He walks past a conference table where the other villains are discussing who will go next, and this causes him to get mad because they do it in a condescending way that makes fun of him.

Nagisa and Honoka are hanging out together and shopping when they stop by the Tako Cafe to have lunch. Honoka lends Nagisa a handkerchief and after finishing, they separate to head home. But Mipple notices that Pisard is following Honoka and she runs to a currently unoccupied construction site where Pisard demands she hands over the Prism Stone that Mipple has. Pisard manages to get Mipple away from Honoka but she refuses to give up.

Meanwhile Nagisa and Mepple are worried about something and head to Honoka's home to return her handkerchief but they find out she's not home! Wondering what happened to her, Nagisa begins to search by first visiting places Honoka likes, such as the library but to no luck.

She continues to search, eventually finding her just as Pisard is about to harm her. Deciding to make things fair though, Pisard gives the girls back Mipple so that they can transform into Pretty Cure and a fight ensues.

After a long battle, Cure Black and Cure White defeat Pisard once and for all. But unfortunately, Nagisa thinks that their troubles are only just beginning..

Major Events

  • Pisard is defeated for the final time and returns to the darkness from where he came.
  • The other villains from the Dusk Zone make their first appearance.





Secondary Characters


  • The scenes where Nagisa and Honoka swipe their cards to transform and Cure White does a flip are re-used for episode 11.
  • This is the first episode of the season not to have a Zakenna appear.


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