A Miracle!? The Living Art Museum (ミラクル!?生きている美術館 "Mirakuru!? Ikiteiru Bijutsukan"?), dubbed Mystery At The Museum in the English dub, is the 4th episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure, and also the 4th episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Nagisa and Honoka take a Class Trip to the Museum. While there they bond with a shy girl who admires Nagisa.


Nagisa thinks to herself about how she met Mepple and Mipple, who escaped with the two remaining Prism Stones from the Garden of Light. But she decides it can't be changed now while wondering why Pisard keeps bothering them and why her school life can't be normal. Her thoughts are suddenly interrupted when she blurts out "Yes! It's impossible!", causing someone nearby to ask what she meant.

It is revealed that the class is going to the Museum to observe the art - with the Principal tagging along. On the way there, Shiho and Rina chat amongst themselves until Nagisa quiets them down so that she and Honoka can speak with everybody about the trip. A girl nearby raises her hand and recommends a beautiful image, instantly gaining many compliments for her amazing knowledge with art as Rina takes notice that she has changed her hair. Nagisa also notices it after Mayu, the girl, mentioning that she's a fan of Nagisa's. She apologizes, thinking she is mad, but Nagisa claims it looks nice on her while Honoka calls it cute. 

Meanwhile, in the Dotsuku Zone, Pisard is trying to talk with other members of the Dotsuku Zone. They keep saying he's weak and that he should give up but he refuses to do so.

The tour begins at the Museum and right away Nagisa struggles to try to tell the group information. She runs from them into another room to speak with Mepple when he suddenly begins to act up and Honoka comes after her. Mepple and Mipple turn into their normal forms to see each other and the girls scolds them, only to stop when Nagisa accidentally bumps a statue and breaks the arm. She hurriedly tries to attach it but she ends up putting it on the wrong way as Mipple notices a painting and points out that she is in it.

The girls ask how this is possible, and they begin to explain how one hundred years have gone by since they arrived at the Garden of Rainbows. She have been passed from people to people until eventually waking up in Honoka's Storage Shed. As the tale finishes Mayu shows up so they switch to their Card Commune forms. She has come in upon spotting a painting belonging to the artist she admires and she explains his past to the others. They comment on Mayu's knowledge, but she is quick to mention that she likes reading art boots and research the subject. 

Sometime later, the field trip is ending and everyone is preparing to depart when Shiho points out that Mayu isn't there. Nagisa and Honoka rush back inside to find her, thinking that she probably lost track of time. The Vice Principal and Principal are still inside when they mention they should be leaving shortly, but Pisard suddenly shows up and begins freezing people. As Nagisa and Honoka run in to see this, he uses the powers of the Dotsuku Zone to bring statues and random arts to life. 

The girls transform into Pretty Cure and run for life when a huge wave of water comes rushing at them. They are swept up in it and sent colliding into the walls. As they try to swim away, a giant sea serpent Zakenna proceeds to chase after them until they reach a big room with the many frozen people from earlier. Pisard begins to pull them together, causing a giant tornado to spin around the room while fighting Pretty Cure. 

WIth no choice left the girls perform Marble Screw on the giant sculpture tornado. Pisard tries to stop them by saying they will destroy the people inside of it but they do not listen and send him flying from the Art Museum as the Zakenna stars flee and the people begin to return to normal. Nagisa and Honoka try to find Mayu and find her in the painting from earlier, causing them to panic until they realize she was actually behind them, slowly beginning to awaken. She asks what was going on and stars to tell them about the exciting dream she had, only to apologize afterwards for being so excited. 

The girls look at the painting one final time before heading out to the bus, not realizing that the instrument in the painting has Mayu's name wrote on it. 

Meanwhile, an older man and his student are overlooking an "original" sculpture that is soon revealed to be the very same one that Nagisa had to fix earlier...

Major Events

  • This episode shows that Pisard is actually with a group of villains. And implies he is also the weakest.
  • Mipple reveals she came to Earth 100 years ago; but the time in the Garden of Light between her departure and Mepple's was one day.
    • Further, Mipple arrived in Italy where she was traded around for a century prior to Honoka discovering her.





Secondary Characters



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