We Have To Transform!? I Can't Believe This! (私たちが変身!?ありえない! "Watashitachi ga Henshin!? Arienai!"?) dubbed "What D' You Mean Transform?" in the official English dub, is the 1st episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure, and also the very first episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall. It introduces the heroines Misumi Nagisa and Yukishiro Honoka to the mascots Mepple and Mipple, and is also the episode where they first gain the power of Pretty Cure.


Nagisa is playing lacrosse with her team, presenting her talent in sports. Meanwhile, Honoka is with her science club, accidentally making a small mess while demonstrating a successful experiment. Later that day the girls walk past each other in the school, but do not seem to notice each other. Later on, Nagisa is chatting with her friends, Takashimizu Rina and Kubota Shiho, about shooting stars that soon will be visible. Honoka happens to overhear them and tells them about that it actually is not stars, but meteors, and also tells them about their history in folklore, before leaving again. The girls starts talking about Honoka instead, revealing that Honoka is a star student and called the Queen of Knowledge. She also appears to be very popular with boys.


Nagisa gets nervous when Mepple arrives.

Nagisa returns home by sunset. Stressed out, she immediately confines herself to her bedroom, lying down on her bed while lamenting that she is a sporty girl instead of a brainy one. Her attention is caught by a shooting star and she thinks about her friends' discussion earlier, wondering if the star storm has began.

She steps out onto her balcony as more shooting stars descend and she quickly makes a wish - only to see an object heading straight at her and into her bedroom. Panicked, Nagisa watches as it bounces around her room and hits her between the eyes, knocking her down. The "star" explodes into fragments of glowing light and falls to the center of the room.

Meanwhile, Honoka arrives home to hear her dog, Chuutaro, barking. He leads her to the shed where she finds a glowing package and opens it to find a similar looking device.

After Nagisa recovers, she carefully prods the tiny vessel with her lacrosse stick until it opens, revealing its passenger. Terrified, Nagisa orders it to stay away from her, even as it tries to make friendly conversation. They are both interrupted by Ryouta, Nagisa's younger brother, and she tries to show him the "alien", but finds that the "ship" resembles a cellphone. Unimpressed, Ryouta takes off, but not before being tripped by Nagisa. She tries to investigate the odd shards of light, which transform into cards as the alien insists that he has to hurry and find someone. Due to his limited mobility, Nagisa carries the alien using the netting of her lacross stick.

As they cut through various establishments, the creature explains that his name is Mepple, and he is a warrior from the Garden of Light who has been tasked to protect Mipple, the princess of the Garden of Light. They are led to a closing amusement park and a strange man confronts them and introduces himself as Pisard. Pisard snatches Mepple away and demands that he turns over the Prism Stones when Honoka comes running up to the confrontation carrying Mipple.


Pisard ready to attack

As Pisard is distracted, Nagisa uses this to swat Mepple out of his grasp, but this only enrages him and he uses his powers to throw various objects around. Mepple and Mipple instruct Nagisa and Honoka to transform by swiping the Queen card through the Card Commune. They transform into Pretty Cure, Cure Black and Cure White, with Nagisa confusingly questioning how she knew what to do, or how she had no control over her actions. As Pisard launches a fierce attack, the girls try to figure out how their abilities work, just barely managing to hold him off.

In a desperate move, Pisard summons an evil spirit which takes possession of a roller coaster. It attacks the Pretty Cure and with no other choice, Mepple and Mipple order the duo to hold hands, summoning black and white lightning and combining it into an attack called Marble Screw. This defeats the monster and returns the roller coaster to normal, forcing Pisard to retreat.

With the battle over, Mepple and Mipple gleefully reunite and start to explain to the girls that they are destined to fight alongside them as the Emissaries of Light. While Honoka is smitten with the thought of fighting for justice, Nagisa is in disbelief and instead questions why this is happening to her.

Major Events

  • Nagisa and Honoka meet Mepple and Mipple for the first time.
  • The Dotsuku Zone is introduced, with Pisard as the enemy of the episode.
  • Nagisa and Honoka gain the power of Pretty Cure, transforming into Cure Black and Cure White respectively.
  • Misumi Ryouta and Misumi Rie make their first appearance.
  • Yukishiro Sanae makes her first appearance.
  • A Zakenna appear for the first time.





Secondary Characters


  • This marks the beginning of the entire Pretty Cure series.
  • During the battle between Pretty Cure & the Zakenna, Cure Black's outfit is navy colored in certain shots.

Dub Edits

  • Natalie thinks Mepple is a U.F.O.
  • Nagisa tells Ryouta not to tattle. In the dub, Ryouta says "How cruel, you're always picking on me." Nagisa says "I'm your big sister. That's my job."
  • When Nagisa is carrying Mepple, she says "メッポメッポ うるさいわね (Mepo-Mepo urusaiwane) to him, imitating the way he talks. In the dub, Natalie says "Would you make up your confused little mind?" to him, entirely changing the dialogue.
    • This is because in the dub, Mepple and Mipple do not say "mepo" or "mipo" at the end of their sentences.


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