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This is a list of Pretty Cure Splash Star episodes.

Episode # Title Villain Air Date
01 "Oddoroki no Saikai! Futari wa Nani Mono Nano!?"
おっどろきの再会! ふたりは何者なの!?
"A Surprising Reunion! You Two Are Who..Exactly!?"
Karehan 2006-02-05

Hyuuga Saki and Mishou Mai meet again after the last meeting 5 years ago. The new legendary warriors are born!

02 "Panpaka no Kankeikai wa Arashi no Yokan!"
真っ向勝負! 君こそエースだ!!
"The Welcome Party at Panpaka is Foreboding a Storm!""
Karehan 2006-02-12

Saki invites Mai to the welcome party at her bakery shop.

03 "Makkō Shōbu! Kimi Koso Ēsu da!!"
真っ向勝負! 君こそエースだ!!
"A Head-On match! You're the Ace!!"
Karehan 2006-02-19

The first match of the Nagichuu softball club is to take place today and they fear they wont stand a chance against their harder rivals.

04 "Ussō!? Haru no Keshiki to Semi no Koe"
うっそー!? 春の景色とセミの声
"Are You Kidding!? The Scenery of Spring and the Cries of Cicadas"
Karehan 2006-02-26

Mai is scouted to enter an art contest and tries to discover the meaning of "The scenery of Spring" for her painting.

05 "Kenta dō suru!? Saki to Suteki na Onīsan!"
健太どうする!? 咲と素敵なお兄さん!
"What Will Kenta Do!? Saki and the Cute Older Brother!"
Karehan 2006-03-05

Saki meets Mai's older brother, Kazuya, and instantly develops a crush. She borrows a book from him and Kenta accidentally spills tea on it, making Saki very angry with him.

06 "Yappa Saikō! Iketeru Otōsan!"
やっぱ最高! イケてるお父さん!!
"He's the Best After All! Cool Father!!"
Karehan 2006-03-12

The Hyuuga and Mishou family decide to go out on a trip and while doing so, something mysterious goes on...

07 "Chō Maji! Ikari no Karehaan!"
"Ultra-Serious! The Wrath of Karehan!"
Karehan 2006-03-19

Karehaan's last episode. Pretty Cure restores the Fountain of Wood.

08 "Daisuki! Minori to Futari no Oneechan"
大好き! みのりと二人のお姉ちゃん
"I Love You! Minori and the Two Big Sisters"
Moerumba 2006-03-26

Minori spills juice on Mai's drawing and the girls begin to argue over her feelings about it.

09 "Rōdokukai o Jama Shichadame!"
大好き! みのりと二人のお姉ちゃん
"Don't Interfere With Our Recital!"
Moerumba 2006-04-02

Saki and Mai help their friend Andou with the recital for children at the library.

10 "Choi Yaba? Umi no Ue Wa Ōsawagi"
ちょいヤバ? 海の上は大騒ぎ
"Super-Dangerous? The Sea is in Uproar"
Moerumba 2006-04-09

Saki and her friends do a report about Kenta's family.

11 "Furafura FURAPPI- Dai PINCHI!"
"The Great Pinch of Dizzy Flappi!"
Moerumba 2006-04-16

Saki gets mad at Flappy after she thinks he's the reason she arrived late. Then Flappy gets sick but Saki doesn't believe him at first.

12 "Choppi wa Chopi tto Hōmushikku?"
"Choppi is Homesick, Chopi?"
Moerumba 2006-04-23

Choppy misses her homeland and the others try making her feel better.

13 "Atsusugi! MOERUNBA DANSU!"
"It's Too Hot! Moerumba Dance!"
Moerumba 2006-04-30

Moerumba's last episode. Pretty Cure restores the Fountain of Fire.

14 "Nazo no Tenkōsei! Michiru to Kaoru ga Yatte Kita!"
"The Riddle Exchange Students! Michiru and Kaoru Came!"
Dorodoron 2006-05-07

New characters Michiru and Kaoru come to the scene.

15 "SOFUTOBŌRU wa Oyako no Kizuna"
"Softball is the Bond Between Parents and Children"
Dorodoron 2006-05-14

Dorodoron puts the Uzainaa into Saki's glove and her form goes bad.

16 "Yume to Kibō to Kenta no Nayami"
"Dream, Hope and Kenta's Worry"
Dorodoron 2006-05-21

Kenta overhears his parents discussion about his future.

17 "Kowareta Haniwa! Dō Suru Mai to Okaasan"
"The Broken Haniwa! What Will Mai and Mother Do?"
Dorodoron 2006-05-28

After Choppy accidentally breaks Mai's mothers clay doll she attempts to make things right.

18 "Honjitsu Tokubai! Michiru to Kaoru ga Otetsudai!?"
"Today is Special Sale! Michiru and Kaoru Come to Help!?"
Dorodoron 2006-06-04

Panpaka-pan holds a special sale event and Saki invites Michiru and Kaoru to come.

19 "Taisetsu na Mono wa Nani? Saki to Mai no Negai Koto"
"The Important Thing Is What? Saki and Mai's Wish"
Dorodoron 2006-06-11

Saki and Mai break a promise with each other, causing their hearts to begin separating from each other. Will they be able to fix their friendship or will Pretty Cure suffer?

20 "Ame ni Utaeba Dorodoron!"
"If Someone's Singing in the Rain, it's Dorodoron!"
Dorodoron 2006-06-25

Dorodoron's last episode. Pretty Cure restores the Fountain of Earth.

21 "Yozora ni Kagayake! Hoshi no Hikari no Nakamatachi"
夜空に輝け! 星の光の仲間たち
"Shine in the Night Sky! Friends of Starlight"
Michiru and Kaoru 2006-07-02

Mai secretly knows Michiru and Kaoru's true identity.

22 "Chō Odoroki! Michiru to Kaoru no Shōgeki Kokuhaku!!"
超オドロキ! 満と薫の衝撃告白!!
"Super-Surprise! Michiru and Kaoru's Shock Confession!!"
Michiru and Kaoru 2006-07-09

Michiru and Kaoru reveal themselves before Pretty Cure.

23 "Tsui ni Taiketsu! Kyoui no AKUDAIKAAN"
"Finally Showdown! Menace Akudaikan"
Akudaikan 2006-07-16

Michiru and Kaoru rescue Pretty Cure from Akudaikaan.

24 "Mūpu to Fūpu tōjō! Tte Dare?"
"Moop and Foop Make their Entry! Wait, who?"
Ms. Shitataare 2006-07-23

Saki and Mai restore the fountain of the sky. Moop and Foop show up and follow them to the land of greenery and later grant them a new power.

25 "Shōbai Hanjō! Umi no ie no Otetsudai"
"Business Flourishing! Help at the House of Sea"
Ms. Shitataare 2006-07-30

Saki and Mai help work at Kenta's shop.

26 "Saki ni wa Naisho! Dokkidoki no Natsu Gasshuku!"
咲には内緒! ドッキドキの夏合宿!
"Keep It a Secret From Saki! Exciting Summer Camping!"
Ms. Shitataare 2006-08-06

Saki's birthday event!

27 "Minna Daisuki! Omoide no Natsu Matsuri"
みんな大好き! 思い出の夏祭り
"I Love Everyone! The Summer Festival of Memory"
Ms. Shitataare 2006-08-13

Summer festival!

28 "Tabi da! Densha da! Daibōken!"
"Trip! Electric Train! Big Adventure!"
Ms. Shitataare 2006-08-20

Saki and Mai decide to end their summer vacation by riding the train to the edge of town but Ms. Shitataare has other plans.

29 "Furappi to Choppi Zettaizetsumei"
"Flappy and Choppy are Driven Into the Corner"
Ms. Shitataare

Goyan captures Flappy and Choppy.

30 "Kyōi no Chikara! Purikyua Daihenshin!"
驚異の力! プリキュア大変身!!
"The Power of Miracle! Pretty Cure's Big Transformation!"
Goyan 2006-09-03

Saki and Mai get their Bright and Windy forms, and also with a new form of the Spiral Rings.

31 "Maji Kimari? Kenta no Aikata wa Dare!?"
"Is it Really Decided? Kenta's Buddy is Who!?"
Ms. Shitataare 2006-09-10

Kenta searches for his buddy to play a joke in a culture festival.

32 "Muzukashisugi! Mizu Shitatāre no Shukudai"
難しすぎ! ミズ·シタターレの宿題
"Too Difficult! Ms. Shitataare's Homework!"
Ms. Shitataare 2006-09-17

Mizu Shitataare's last episode. She disguises as Teacher Shinohara.

33 "Kinniku zenkai Kintoresukī Arawaru!"
筋肉全開 キントレスキー現る!
"Muscle Full Throttle Kintoleski Appears!"
Kintoleski 2006-09-24

This episode reveals how Saki raised Korone.

34 "Otsukimikai wa Romansu no Kaori"
"Moon-Viewing has the Scent of Romance!"
Kintoleski 2006-10-01

Mai invites her fellow classmates to join the moon viewing event at her house.

35 "Iza Kesshō! Faito da Nagichū Sofuto-bu!"
いざ決勝! ファイトだ凪中ソフト部!
"Now's the Final Round! Fight, Nagichuu Softball Club!"
Kintoleski 2006-10-08

The final round of the softball match.

36 "Nani Tsukuru? Mai no Nayami to Bunkasai"
"What Will Mai Do? Mai's Distress and Culture Festival"
Kintoleski 2006-10-15

Mai is assigned to design the Festivals monument.

37 "Minna Nakama da! Ashita ni Janpu!"
みんな仲間だ! 明日にジャンプ!
"Everyone is Friends! Jump to Tomorrow!"
Kintoleski 2006-10-22

Culture festival event. Saki and Mai's class make a horror house!

38 "Aidoru Tōjō Hyūga Saki! Tte Maji!?"
アイドル誕生日向咲 ! ってマジ!?
"A Star is Born - Hyuuga Saki! Seriously?!"
Kintoleski 2006-10-29

Saki is scouted by President Kizaki to become an idol.

39 "Chinjū Miminga Daisōdō!?"
"The Rare Animal Miminga's Great Rebellion?"
Kintoleski 2006-11-12

Flappy and Choppi are misunderstood as Miminga and they are hunted.

40 "Urusa~i! Kintoresukī to Tanjōbi"
うるさ〜い ! キントレスキーと誕生日
"You're So Annoying! Kintoleski and Birthdays"
Kintoleski 2006-11-19

The last battle between Kintoleski and Pretty Cure. Mai's birthday event!

41 "Ōjō ga Abunai! Ubawareta Kyarafe!!"
王女が危ない ! 奪われたキャラフェ!!
"The Princess in Danger! The Charafe Taken Away!!"
Karehan and Moerumba 2006-11-26

The last fountain is resurrected. In that time Goyan appears and steals the Fairy Carafe.

42 "Okaerinasai! Michiru to Kaoru!!"
お帰りなさい ! 満と薫! !
"Welcome Back! Michiru and Kaoru!!"
Karehan and Dorodoron 2006-12-03

Michiru and Kaoru return to help Pretty Cure!

43 "Yume ja nai! Minna no Iru Ichinichi"
"It's Not a Dream! The Day Everyone was Here"
Moerumba and Kintoleski 2006-12-10

Michiru and Kaoru are hunted as Dark Fall's traitors.

44 "Futari ga Kieru? Kurushimi no Michiru to Kaoru"
"These Two Will Disappear? Michiru and Kaoru's Sadness"
Ms. Shitataare and Dorodoron 2006-12-17

Living under the effect of two different powers, namely, the power of the spirits and the power of destruction. No matter which side of power disappears, Michiru and Kaoru may disappear too.

45 "Kēki to Kazuya to Kurisumasu!"
ケーキと和也とクリスマス !
"Cake, Kazuya and Christmas!"
Kintoleski and Ms. Shitataare 2006-12-24

Saki wants to give Mai's brother a cake she made for as a Christmas present but gets depressed when he shows up with a girl from his class.

46 "Hangeki! Akudaikān Kyōi no Chikara!"
反撃 ! アクダイカーン脅威の力 !
"Counterattack! Akudaikan's Menacing Power!"
Akudaikan 2007-01-07

Saki, Mai, Michiru, and Kaoru go to face Akudaikaan at Dark Fall.

47 "Daigyakuten!? Kuromaku Tte Dare no Koto?"
大逆転!? 黒幕って誰のこと?
"A Sudden Twist?! Who is the Mastermind?"

The truth is revealed. Akudaikaan is...!?

48 "Saishū Kessen! Ubawareta Midori no Sato!"
最終決戦! 奪われた緑の郷!
"The Final battle! The Stolen Land of Greenery!"
Goyan 2007-01-21

The last battle between Goyan, Pretty Cure, Michiru and Kaoru. The earth is turned into the ruined world.

49 "Zekkōchō nari! Eien no Hoshizora no Nakamatachi!"
絶好調なり! 永遠の星空の仲間たち!
"Reach to the Top! The Eternal Starry Sky of Friends!"
Goyan 2007-01-28

The last episode! Saki, Mai, Michiru and Kaoru face forward to their new future.

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