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Fujimura Shougo
藤村省吾 Fujimura Shougo
Fujimura Shougo Fujipi
SeasonFutari wa Pretty Cure
Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart
Age15 (FwPC)
16 (FwPCMH)
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrown
Home PlaceGarden of Rainbows
First AppearanceFwPC01
Japanese Voice ActorKishio Daisuke
English Voice ActorWill Wood

Fujimura Shougo (藤村省吾 Fujimura Shougo?) (Shawn Ferguson in the English dub) is a minor character in Futari wa Pretty Cure. He is a handsome male student of Verone Academy and is the object of affection for Misumi Nagisa who refers to him as "Fujipi" (藤P Fujipi?) ("Fergie" in the English dub). He is also Yukishiro Honoka's childhood friend, which sometimes unknowingly causes breaks in Nagisa and Honoka's relationship. He shares the hairstyle with Ryouta.


Before the Series

Fuji known Honoka since childhood. He gained the name "Fujipi" and kept it until he thought it was getting old and becomes annoyed by Honoka or Kimata when they call him that.

Futari wa Pretty Cure

Ep.1 while Nagisa and her friends were taking the train, she saw the handsome boy, Fujimura, and fell love-at-first-sight with him. In the next ep, he hit the soccer ball at the window of the Science Room where Nagisa and Honoka were in. Nagisa was very mad at the person who kicked this ball to the window. When she went to the soccer team, Nagisa met Fujimura. He was the one who hit the ball at the window because of his wacky kicks and sorry about it, but Nagisa was nervous about meeting him that her anger was gone and she froze like ice. She told Fujimura to be careful and walked away (weirdly).

Nagisa and Honoka's Fight

Nagisa was looking at the window and saw Honoka and Fujimura together. Nagisa remembered that Honoka said they were childhood friends, but she realizes that if they were close, then Fujimura would be in love with Honoka for their bond and her beauty. The next day, Nagisa and Honoka were walking to school until they met up with Fujimura (who saw Honoka) and caught up with them. When he approached, Honoka was calm and happy to see him, but Nagisa was nervous. While they walked to school, Honoka thought of introducing Fujimura to Nagisa because Nagisa wanted to meet him. She introduced Nagisa to Fujimura Shougo, but everyone calls him Fujipi. Fujipi told Honoka not to call him that. (In the dub he says it is dorky but in the original it was because he wasn't in elementary school anymore) and then his friend, Kimata, came and on cue called him Fujipi while shoving him and giving him a noogie making Fuji annoyed. Nagisa was embarrassed and angry. She wanted to introduce herself to Fujimura. She then runs off and Honoka tries to catch up with her leaving Fujimura and Kimata confused, and Kimata wonders if he said something. This causes Nagisa and Honoka to begin to fight, but they later reconcile.


Fujimura Shougo has sholder length dark brown hair and brown eyes.He is usually seen wearing his school uniform.


  • Fujimura was the first handsome boy to attract girls in school. The second was Masamune Ouji and the third is Irie.
    • Kiriya is the 2nd handsome boy in Verone Academy after him.
  • Fujimura is the first person in the franchise to be called "-pi" by a lead cure instead of real name. Followed by Kenzaki Makoto which Aida Mana called her "Makopi".
  • His English dub name is possibly a reference to Shawn Ferguson, a real American soccer player.



Misumi Nagisa- At the beginning the series he doesn't even notice her. But as the show progresses on he is shown to think of her as a really good friend. It is unclear if there are any romantic feelings but it is pretty likely.

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