Singer(s) Writer Composer Arranger Time Appears in
Tamura Nao
Tamura Yukari
Tsubota Fumi
(坪田 文)
Fujimoto Noriko
Fukutomi Masayuki
02:01 HUGtto! Pretty Cure Vocal Album ~Powerful♥Yell~
HUGtto! Pretty Cure Best Album: Cheerful Songs Best
HuPC18 Ruru and Emiru singing
Friends With You (キミとともだち?) is a duet sung by Emiru and Ruru as the ending theme for HUGtto! Pretty Cure episode 18. A full version was announced to be released in the vocal best and that it will be sung by the 5 Cures.


Todoketai koto aru nda
Kimi no koto suki nanda
Futari no hāto ribon de musubu
Tomodachi ni narou yo


(Namida) Gyutto suru mune no oku
Soko ni kokoro kirameku

Kimi to watashi dekoboko
Zenzen chigau futari dane
Keredo hāto hagu kasanetara
Māruku okkē dayo

Zutto zutto
(Zutto zutto)
Hāto wo ribon de musubou

とどけたいこと あるんだ
きみのこと すきなんだ
ふたりのハート リボンでむすぶ
ともだちに なろうよ

(なみだ)ぎゅっとする むねのおく
そこにココロ きらめく

キミとわたし デコボコ
ぜんぜんちがう ふたりだね
けれどハート ハグ重ねたら


I have so many things to say to you
Such as all the things I love about you
Tie our hearts together with a little ribbon
That lets you and I become friends

Your smile
(Your smile)
And tears
(And tears) squeezes something so deep inside
Right there, where our hearts are shining bright

You and I may be a strange pair
As well as completely different people
But maybe if we hug our hearts together
Everything will be okay

We'll forever be
(We'll forever be)
The best of friends
Whose hearts are tied together by a ribbon


No. Title Artist Duration Audio
1 Friends With You Tamura Nao & Tamura Yukari 02:01
07. キミとともだち
1 Friends With You (One For All, All For One Ver.) Hikisaka Rie, Hon'izumi Rina, Ogura Yui, Tamura Nao and Tamura Yukari 05:10
10. Kimi to Tomodachi (One For All, All For One Ver.)



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1080p HUGtto! Pretty Cure Special Ending

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