SPC Fantastic Piacere

Fantastic Piacere

Fantastic Piacere (ファンタスティックピャチェーレ Fantasutikku Pyachēre?) is a finishing attack for Cure Rhythm. It requires the Fantastic Belltier in Separation Mode, a tactic learned from Cure Muse and Fairy Tone Dodory.


Cure Rhythm summons her Fantastic Belltier with Fairy Tone Fary, and then calls for Rery as well. Rery lands in the space on the opposite side of Fary. Cure Rhythm then twists her Belltier, and it separates into two. She then crosses them over her chest.

Rhythm then shakes the two halves, one by one, and proceeds to shake them at the same time, creating many stars, flats, quarter notes, and other musical symbols. Cure Rhythm then crosses the two halves of her Belltier across her chest again, and they emit light. She calls out her attack, and then the heads of each half burst into flames. She draws a giant heart with them, one side white and the other side yellow, and then launches it at the enemy.

Then Cure Rhythm draws a triangle with her Belltier, now back in one piece, and finishes the attack.



Cure Rhythm: おいで, レリ!
Rery: レレ!
Cure Rhythm: ファンタッスティック ベルティア, セッパーレイション !
Cure Rhythm: はじけるリズムのファンタッスティックセッション! プリキュアファンタッスティック・ピアチェー レ!
Cure Rhythm: 三拍子! 1・2・3!フィナーレ!


Cure Rhythm: Oide, Reri!
Rery: Rere!
Cure Rhythm: Fantassutikku Berutia, Seppāreishon!
Cure Rhythm: Hajikeru rizumu no fantassutikku sesshon! Purikyua Fantassutikku Piachēre!
Cure Rhythm: San byōshi!! Fināre!

Literal Translation:

Cure Rhythm: Come, Rery!
Rery: Rere!
Cure Rhythm: Fantastic Belltier, Separation!
Cure Rhythm: The bursting rhythm's fantastic session! Pretty Cure Fantastic Piacere!
Cure Rhythm: 3/4 time! One...two...three! Finale!


  • Piacere is derived from the musical term "A piacere", which stands for "at pleasure". This means that the performer need not follow the set rhythm strictly, for example during a cadenza, thus allowing for wider expression of the particular phrase of music. [1]
  • Fantastic Piacere is always used along with Miracle Heart Arpeggio and it has never been used as a single attack. However, Miracle Heart Arpeggio has been used once as a single attack.




Pretty Cure Fantastic Piacere

Pretty Cure Fantastic Piacere