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Saishū Kessen! Kyua Enjeru Tanjō!!
Fresh Pretty Cure! episode 48
FPC episode 48 tittle
最終決戦! キュアエンジェル誕生!!
"The Final Battle! Cure Angels Are Born!!"
Air date January 17, 2010
Episode Guide
Opening Let's! Fresh Pretty Cure! ~Hybrid ver.~
Ending H@ppy Together!!!
Directed by Shimizu Junji
Written by Maekawa Atsushi
Art design by Kagawa Hisashi

The Final Battle! Cure Angels Are Born!! (最終決戦! キュアエンジェル誕生!! "Saishū Kessen! Kyua Enjeru Tanjō!!"?) is the 48th episode of Fresh Pretty Cure! and also the 290th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Hope seems lost with the Cures beaten and losing the battle. With the faith of the Citizens, someone suddenly shows up to lend them a hand with a power Labyrinth is unable to match!


Fresh Pretty Cure! - Cure Sticks
As the Cures watch Northa transform they wonder if this is her true form, as it turns it it is. The girls do their best to fight against her while the followers of Moebius, now out of his control, watch them.

The group use Triple Fresh and combine it with Happiness Hurricane to defeat Northa. But this angers Klein and he changes into his own true form; that of a strong giant.

Everyone continues to cheer for Pretty Cure as Tarte and Azukina run to the group. However, Tarte falls while running and to his surprise, Soular and Westar suddenly reappear. They are surprised to see them and note that something seems different about them.

Northa and Klein merged together and attack the girls, who combine their special attacks, Love Sunshine, Espoir Shower, Healing Prayer, and Happiness Hurricane together to attack them directly. Then they proceeded with Lucky Clover Grand Finale. Unfortunately, that did not affect the combined Giant Northa and Klein because it is quite resilient and strong. The Pretty Cure were thrown to the ground and weakened from their limited strength.

Suddenly, Soular and Westar came in front of them and the Pretty Cure glad to see they finally believed what they said.

Then when they are knocked unconscious, the Pickruns speak to Pretty Cure. Pickruns eventually turn into winged and Pretty Cure transforms into Cure Angels.

Westar and Soular were surprised to see that Cure Angels were born. Finally, the fight starts between Angel Cure against the combined Northa and Klein.

Main Events

  • Northa and Klein merge with each other to be more powerful
  • The Cures upgrade to Cure Angels
  • Soular and Westar are revived by Chiffon





Secondary Characters


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