We are Four Pretty Cures! Separation in Christmas!! (4人はプリキュア! クリスマスイブの別れ!! "Yonin wa Purikyua! Kurisumasu Ibu no Wakare!!"?) is the 45th episode of Fresh Pretty Cure! and also the 287th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


During Christmas the girls spend time with their families - but distracted over Chiffon, they decide to reveal their identities to their loved ones.




With Chiffon captured, Moebius decides that Infinity will now become one of his followers at Labyrinth. Northa removes the mind of Chiffon, so that she remains Infinity.

When Chiffon was captured, Love and her friends apologized to Tarte for not guarding Chiffon very well. They head to the forest to talk to the Elder and use Akarun to be
FPC45 (2)

Azukina and Tarte

transfported to him. The girls are puzzled when they arrive but do not find him until they look around. Tarte requests his help when Azukina suddenly crashes into him. They spot the Elder's face and observe where he is facing, suddenly realizing he is unable to help - for he is also being controlled by Moebius with the help of Klein. They realize the others of Tarte's kingdom are also being controlled, so they grab Azukina and bring her home with them.

Tarte is shocked by what they saw and wonders what happened. Azukina recalls what she has witnessed and why Tarte isn't being controlled. He wasn't at the forest at the time it started, which is being destroyed by the system set up by Moebius. Elder pushed Azukina out of the way from the length of the machine controlling the Elder, which is why she wasn't affected either. He told her to notify Pretty Cure about the news, so she did. 


The girls think about leaving their families

As the girls think over what happened, Setsuna can feel the pain they are feeling now - having suffered the same way as the citizens of Tarte's home. However, she is beyond angry with what Moebius is doing, causing the others to quickly soothe her to avoid making any rash decisions. They tell her that they will handle it together because of their friendship. With this in mind, they realize that the best thing to do would be to tell everyone the truth about their identities. 

The girls meet up where they usually go for dance
FPC45 (3)

The Cures reveal their identities

practice. They tell everyone the truth and transform into Pretty Cure, surprising everyone. They quickly explain how they have to save Chiffon, but their parents do not allow it; fearing the girls will not be able to survive where they have to do.

However, the girls do not take this lightly. They prepare to take off anyway and run from their homes before their parents can make their decisions for them.

When Setsuna, Tarte, Azukina, and Love ran to escape the house, Love met and wanted to
FPC45 (4)

Love cries when saying goodbye

apologize and say goodbye to her friends.

Then after the meeting and apologizing, Love caught up to Miki, Inori, Setsuna, Tarte, and Azukina. Their parents had come to Love about her mother was angry and did not want to allow Love to leave, but eventually reconsidered. Love weeps in her mothers arms and the girls soon take off for Labyrinth.

Major Events

  • Love, Miki, Buki, and Setsuna reveal the secret that they are Pretty Cures to their friends and family.
  • The Fresh Cures went to Labyrinth to save Chiffon and beat Moebius.
  • This is one of the Christmas episodes.





Secondary Characters


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