Tarte's Close Call! His True Self is Exposed!? (タルト危機一髪! 正体がばれちゃう!? "Taruto kiki ippatsu! Shōtai ga barechau!?"?) is the 30th episode for the season Fresh Pretty Cure! and also the 272nd episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


A reporter discovers that Tarte isn't a mere ferret after he sees him at the Vet ran by Inori's Father.



"I'm a cute fairy from Sweets Kingdom!"

One warm, summers day, Love and Setsuna return from Dance Practice while expressing the desire to eat ice cream. Ayumi tells them to wash their hands and change first, then they get the ice cream. Chiffon informs Love that Tarte isn't feeling well and they check on him before contacting Inori. She tells them not to bring him the Hospital since he isn't a normal ferret, so they rush out to get things to help him feel better.

Ayumi comes upstairs when she sees how sick Tarte looks. Not aware of the situation she brings him to the Hospital to treat, just as the girls leave Inori's place with some medication and other items.

At the Hospital they note how low Tarte's temperature is so the Vet asks the nurse to prepare X-ray.

Meanwhile another patient was a TV reporter who has his own TV show, Detective Pet Scoop, with low rankings. His dog, Maron, has hurt it's paw.

Back at Love's house, the girls were worried about Tarte's disappearance.

The girls saw Tarte on TV

In the clinic, Inori's dad points out that Tarte is lacking a belly button - which is impossible for mammals. The dective takes a photo of this and comments that he will gain high records now.

Meanwhile, Love and others were looking for Tarte and Love found her mom's note that she took Tarte to the hospital. Then they saw Detective Pet Scoop on TV and it was about Tarte. The customer from before, Animal Yoshida, said all mammals, except those that are born from an egg, must have a belly button. He said, that Tarte's either a ferret born from egg or just a ferret-like creature.

Then Love and others went back to the hospital, suprised by the number of people gathering around in front of the hospital. They asked to let them through, saying Love is his owner. Yoshida was interviewing her before Love's dad stopped it and Miki's mom distracted them. Buki's dad got them inside.


Tarte in disguise

He got Tarte to sleep in Buki's room for safety. The girls wondered what to do with the scandal, while Tarte woke up and, after noticing the ruckus outside, decided to escape with a wig from before. However he got noticed and everyone started chasing him. Love and others too.

Tarte went to Kaoru-chan's donuts cafe where he told his problems to Kaoru-chan. Then Love and others found him and were relieved, until the crowd found them.


The girls defending Tarte

They all stood to defend Tarte and were joined by their parents. Then Westar distracted them all by creating Nakewameke from the net in order to capture Tarte and make everyone despair. The girls escaped and transformed to Pretty Cure. They fought Nakewameke until it captured Tarte and Yoshida's dog, Maron. Pine used Healing Prayer Fresh to remove the bag and save the pets while Peach finished Nakewameke with Love Sunshine Fresh.

Later Animal Yoshida apologized everyone and said his show will now feature happy pets.

Love and Setsuna trying to punish Tarte for eating their ice cream

Later Love asked why was his stomach hurting and at home Love and Setsuna noticed that he ate all their ice cream. The girls got really mad and try to punish him, while he asked for forgiveness.





Secondary Characters


  • The ice-cream seen in the fridge 'Dandy Dazs' is a parody of the real-life ice-cream company Häagen-Dazs.


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