The Man of Mystery! Kaoru-chan's True Self!? (謎だらけの男! カオルちゃんの正体!? "Nazo Darake no Otoko! Kaoru-chan no Shoutai!?"?) is the 29th episode for the season Fresh Pretty Cure! and also the 271st episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


The episode starts with a mysterious woman meeting Kaoru-chan in a foggy bay. The next day the girls came to buy some donuts, but Kaoru-chan wasn't here. He was meeting with the woman who told him about the Mekurumeku royal family and their prince Jeffrey, who got into argument with his parents and escaped from hotel. He has family's treasure - Poseidon's Sweat. The mysterious Get Mouse is after it.

Chiffon gave Tarte a fish paste roll

Chiffon gave Tarte a fish paste roll

There were four days already since Kaoru-chan's donut cafe came and some people wanted to use this space to build benches there. Love said she believes Kaoru-chan will be back and the guys said they want to eat Kaoru-chan's donuts too. The girls were walking and met a foreign boy sitting alone. Love tried talking in English but failed. Jeffrey could speak in Japanese perfectly. Miki, Inori and Love asked him questions, but he only answered Love's question: you are hungry right? After that the girls treated him a hamburger.

Meanwhile, the woman and Kaoru-chan met with the boy's parents. They were worried about the jewel more than about their son and Kaoru-chan told them straight, that they should care of their son more than some kind of jewel.


Setsuna encouraging Jeffrey


Jeffrey smiling

Back at the restaurant, Jeffrey loved his hamburger. He wanted to try more fun stuff and told the girls his sensei calls Yotsuba the town of Happiness. They were having fun, when news showed the truth about him, that he's the missing prince, named Jeffrey. He ran away but the girls found him and he told them the story - both his mother and father hate him and they only want a good successor, so he ran away. He felt useless. Setsuna said that nobody is useless in the world. She gave some supporting words for him and he cheered up, when some men in black came. The girls tried fighting but there were too many of them.

Tarte saw everything and Kaoru-chan was there. Tarte told him everything. They followed them to their hiding place and Kaoru-chan contacted Jeffrey's butler, saying only he truly cares about Jeffrey. Reinforcement will be here in 20 minutes. The butler knocked Kaoru-chan out and revealed himself to be the mysterious Get Mouse. He took the jewel and Jeffrey and wanted to escape, when Westar made Nakewameke from the jewel.


Kaoru-chan with Tarte's tail

Tarte woke the girls up and told them about Labyrinth. They transformed in front of unconscious Kaoru-chan. Get Mouse ran to the helicopter who arrived and was at least glad to have hostage. The Cures were trying hard to fight, but the jewel was too hard and it trapped them all. Then Kaoru-chan threw his new extra spicy donut straight to Get Mouse's mouth and made him let go of Jeffrey. He saved him and then showed the Cures it's weak point by kicking there. Peach finished it with Love Sunshine Fresh. Later Tarte asked Kaoru-chan to return to his donut stand, since everyone missed his donuts. The woman came, telling him, that they caught the boss from helicopter and Get Mouse case is closed. She asked him to return working with them, but Kaoru-chan said he has a place to return.


"Just who is Kaoru-chan?"

Next day Kaoru-chan's donuts cafe was back. To make up for his absence, today is free for all day. He gave them donuts by saying Pretty Cure intro. The girls wondered if he saw them. Then he thanked them. For protecting this place while he was absent. The girls said there's no way he saw them. Suddenly he got more calls - someone needed his help for a difficult operation, someone was missing an astronaut, someone needed a vocalist. In the end, Kaoru-chan's true identity was even more mysterious than before.





Secondary Characters


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