The Summer! The Festival! Audrey!! (夏だ! 祭りだ! オードリー!! "Natsu da! Matsuri da! Ōdorī!!"?) is the 27th episode for the season Fresh Pretty Cure! and also the 269th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.



Tarte excited for the festival

The Clover Festival is here, so the girls invite Setsuna to come too. There's also dance and Manzai contests. The girls plan on entering dance contest and surprising Miyuki, while Tarte is a big fan of Audrey, the Manzai duo.


The girls are shocked

On the day of the festival, Love saw Kaoru-chan's donuts cafe and went to ask where to put their dance contest registration card.There she saw Daisuke and others helping out. He said, that he went to get Miyuki some donuts, but Kaoru-chan asked them to help him and now he's gone. Love said she'll take the donuts to Miyuki. Kaoru-chan returned and told them, that the entries are accepted at the angel statue.

The girls got their audition card in the box, but after they left Chiffon with her powers messed the cards for dancing and Manzai up. Meanwhile, Tarte is lost between all the people and accidentally hits somebody. He goes to sit under a tree when someone picks him up. He thinks it was Love so he starts talking, but then he sees it wasn't Love but Audrey. He tells he is their big fan, but then realizes he talked.


Tarte in Audrey's shirt


Setsuna does not seemed to understand

Meanwhile, the girls bring Miyuki her donuts and say they have a surprise. Suddenly someone invites them backstage, where they meet Audrey. Tarte was there too. He told the girls they left him behind. Then Audreay announces them they'll have to do Manzai. The girls are split in pairs and they have to do Manzai, Love was pair up with Inori while Mike is paired up with Setsuna. Setsuna doesn't know what is this, but she'll make that nobody laughs at them. Sadly she didn't understand anything.


Tarte watching the girls' performance

They went and made everyone laugh for their fails. Then Audrey came to perform.  They were performing, when Westar attacked making Nakewameke from the festival prizes he won. The girls wanted Audrey to run away, but they didn't, since they were in the middle of their performance. Nakewameke started firing chairs at them. leaving the girls no other choice but to transform. They try attacking Nakewameke, but it starts shooting in masks, covering the girls' faces. They couldn't see anything. Then Wakabayashi from Audrey removed their masks with a slap. The Cures tried attacking it by splitting up, but the masks could see everything. Then Kasuga from Audrey distracted them, making them look at him, and Peach used this chance to do Love Sunshine Fresh, defeating Nakewameke.

Later Audrey promised to keep their identities secret and when everyone got back the duo finished their performance.


Cure Peach brown hair

Cure Peach with Brown Hair and not Blonde

  • In one shot, Cure Peach's hair color is brown instead of blonde.





Secondary Characters


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