Four Hearts! I Want to Dance Too!! (4つのハート!私も踊りたい!! "Yottsu no Hāto! Watashi mo Odoritai!!"?) is the 26th episode for the season Fresh Pretty Cure! and also the 268th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Setsuna decides to tag along when the girls head out to the beach for Dance Training. She finds it fun - but lacks the confidence needed to join them.


Miyuki invites the girls out to announce that she has decided that she cannot be the fourth Cure. Love introduces her Setsuna, Cure Passion, afterwards. The girls invite her to join them in dancing but when Miyuki sees they don't really do much during their break she decides to invite them for some special training at a summer camp.

Meanwhile, Hayato was going to the beach too to collect some sorrow, or so he thought. He got the wrong train and was now going to the mountains.

The girls got Tarte

The girls got Tarte

After the girls step off of the train, Tarte informs them that they could have teleported with Akarun's power. They manage to do it but incidentally leave him behind until Setsuna realizes this. They return to grab him, but she is forced to make multiple trips when Miki realizes for forgot her shoes, and Love forgot the beach ball she wanted to bring. After almost being caught by Ayumi, she returns to find out that Love actually didn't forget the ball - but her swimming ring. However, Setsuna refuses to go back again, along with whateever it was Inori forgot. 

Miyuki tells the girls they need to get to training and they change, with Setsuna deciding to o
Hayato got lost

Hayato got lost

bserve their lesson. During it, she wanders off to do a little exploring. 

Meanwhile, Hayato got out of the train and was surprised to be somewhere in the mountains. He was told by a farmer to follow a small river in order to get to the ocean.

The girls after the dance lesson

Love, Miki, and Inori after their dance practice

After the lesson finishes, dinner is ready. Inori goes to find Setsuna but doesn't see her, recalling how she was too shy to dance with her friends at first. She refused, but Love waited for her, and she is sure she's waiting for Setsuna to join them too. Setsuna told her she wants to dance, but there wasn't any music or dancing at Labyrinth, so she really has no idea how to. She also is unable to smile so openly like they can. To make her feel better Inori decides to give her some private lessons, knowing she would feel better this way.

Meanwhile, Hayato reached the ocean and Switched over to Westar, summoning swimming ring Nakewameke. However there were no people during the night, so he heads off to try to find sorrow.

Later, Inori and Setsuna finish dancing, but she asks her how she is able to dance so openly without much care. Inori attempts to ask Akarun for a favor when Westar's Nakewameke interrupted them. The four girls transform to pretty Cure and fight it, but struggle when it begins to throw swimming rings and traps Berry and Peach within them. Pine and Passion save them and split up, with Pine used Healing Prayer Fresh to blow them away. Passion finished it with Happiness Hurricane.
The new dance team Clover

The new dance team Clover

Later Setsuna asked what Inoriforgot. She went to pick it and saw a sewing machine on her table as well as her body plan and some material, surprising her when she realizes she made a dance costume for her.

She returned wearing it, and Inori tells her that by doing it she will gain the courage to dance. She wished for them to all wear the same outfits to get courage and do their best. Setsuna thanked her, calling her Buki, not Inori and told the other girls of her plans to join them. Miki got her poster out and everyone started celebrating, saying now they'll be real four-leafed clover.

Major Events

  • It is revealed that Akarun have the power to teleport.
  • Inori got closer to Setsuna.





Secondary Characters



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