The Fourth Pretty Cure is You!! (4人目のプリキュアはあんさんや!! "Yoninme no Purikyua wa Ansanya!!"?) is the 21st episode for the season Fresh Pretty Cure! and also the 263rd episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Tarte desperately attempts to locate the Fourth Cure out of concern for the rest of the team. He begs Miyuki to join them when all signs point to her as that person.


Tarte scolding the girls

Tarte scolding the girls

The girls awaken in the hospital and recall fainting earlier on. Miyuki has come to pay them a visit but tells them that unless they get healthy - they can't participate in the dance content. After she leaves they decide to try to train in their hospital beds. Tarte stops the music and tells them to just focus on Pretty Cure instead of Dance. Love tells him that choosing one or the other isn't a choice at all, so they tried really hard to balance both.

Setsuna pays the girls a visit afterwards and offers to tell them a fortune. She reads Love's and tells her that no matter how hard it seems, she should work for both goals.

As this is going on, Miyuki starts to worry over how good of a teacher she is for the girls, since she hadn't noticed their suffering. Kaoru claims that honest smiles cannot be faked however, and she freaks out when Tarte starts to speak in front of her. He asks Miyuki to join Pretty Cure since its an emergency. She claims she cannot however, because as the leader of Trinity she can't handle both. This worries Tarte and he resorts to drastic measures to keep the girls from competing by stealing their costumes.

Setsuna, the Goddess

Setsuna, the Goddess

To his surprise he finds Chiffon within the bag and while watching her play, he realizes just how important they are to them. As he attempts to return the case, it gets stuck in a broken gate. While they try to yank it loose, Setsuna appears and gets it loose for them, offering to return it with them.

Love thanks Setsuna for always being so supportive of her and promises to win - which angers her. She changes into Eas after seperating from them and creates a Nakisakebe from the girls' suitcase. The painful vines appear on Eas' hand again and it begins to attack. Everyone in the area escapes - except for the girls and Miyuki.

Eas decided to attack Miyuki, since she thought she was the 4th Cure. To protect her, the girls transformed to Pretty Cure in front of Miyuki. The girls got Miyuki to safety before fighting and she realizes that with the girls trying their best in both roles; perhaps she really was the weakest one there. She begins to cheer them on in hopes of keeping them going on and they manage to throw the Nakisakebe. They said it's because of others' cheering and use Triple Fresh. The vines got around Eas' chest and she couldn't bear the pain anymore.  

The Cures have defeated Nakisakebe. However the dance contest was cancelled. Miyuki scolded the girls for not telling her about Pretty Cure before. That way she could have rearranged the lessons before. Meanwhile, at Labyrinth mansion, Eas has one final chance to defeat Pretty Cure. She gets home and collapses in front of the door. Her clover pendant falls from her pocket. 

Major Events

  • Chinen Miyuki discovers the Cures' identities.





Secondary Characters


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