The New Card! Eas's New Power!! (新たなカード!イースの新しい力!! "Arata na Kādo! Eas no Atarashī chikara!!"?) is the 19th episode for the season Fresh Pretty Cure! and also the 261st episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


With her new powerful card, Eas strikes Yotsuba Town by sending a Nakisakebe. Meanwhile, the girls prepare for an upcoming Dance Tournament.


Miyuki informs the girls of the upcoming Dance Tournament. It was the tournament her group debuted at and the girls decide to participate. So Miyuki warns them that the practices will get harder now. Love decides to use this time to think up a group name.

Meanwhile, at labyrinth mansion, Eas is scolded by Moebius as to why she didn't complete the Sorrow gauge yet. She said it's because of Pretty Cure so Moebius gave her a new card to strenghten  Nakewameke.

Later, the girls decided on team name - Clover, since they live in Yotsuba town. They head out to practice with Miyuki's group and spend the entire day. However, this causes them trouble when Love oversleeps the next day, Miki almost falls asleep in class, and Inori forgets her homework. After school they head to Kaoru's donuts but instead of eating, they almost fall asleep there too. Tarte worries over them for a moment and wonders if they will be fine when they become Pretty Cure again.

As they resume practice, Setsuna watches and is about to throw away the clover necklace Love gave her. She no longer needs it now, but Love happens to spot her. So she holds onto the necklace as Love tells her about the dance contest while Setsuna wonders if Love has any self-awareness of her mission as Pretty Cure. Miki sees a corner of the card is Setsuna's pocket, and when Setsuna notes this she is quick to hide it. Love then goes on to ask if Setsuna is lonely or not, since she always seems to be lonely whenever they see her. However, when they note the time they quickly take off.

Angrily, Setsuna switches to Eas and summons a Nakewameke.

The girls are going home and talking about Setsuna when they see it. They run behind a corner and transform into Pretty Cure before making quick work of it. When Eas realizes how eak it is, she recalls the card and how to use it, it must need a sacrifice - it will cause unbearable pain and the worst is that it can shorten her lifespan. Eas was ready for that and used the card. Instantly the Eye of Nakisakebe appeared on her hand and painful vines wrapped her arm. However the Nakisakebe was much stronger than Nakewameke and she watches the fight resume.

However the Cures didn't give up and together use Triple Fresh. However the Nakisakebe blocked those moves. The girls were trying hard, but with the vines wrapping around Eas, she is weakened; along with it. The girls are able to defeat the monster as a worried Tarte and Chiffon join them. The girls promise to keep doing their best.

Meanwhile, Eas swears to herself to defeat Pretty Cure with this card. 

Major Events

  • Eas uses the Nakisakebe Card for the first time





Secondary Characters


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