Chiffon is Sick! Pine's New Powers!! (シフォンは病気です!パインの新しい力! "Shifon Ha Byōki Desu! Pain Atarashī Chikara!"?) is the 13th episode of the season Fresh Pretty Cure! and also the 255th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Inori takes it upon herself to cure Chiffon after she comes down with an illness.



Inori telling her mother to help her.

While the girls eat, Tarte plays a game. Tarte happens to notice that Chiffon doesn't look really well and asks the girls to check on her. Worriedly they quickly come to her aid, and Inori, who dreams of becoming a vet, tries to use what her Father taught her. She checks Chiffon to try to figure out where she hurts, but she sees nothing unusual or obvious. This causes her grief and she decides to ask her father to see if he could check on her. However, as she is going to locate them she sees her mother is preparing to leave. She informs Inori that she and her Husband have to go to a farm to help with the birthing of a cow. They won't be back until the following day. This causes Inori to become depressed - but she decides to keep trying. She does a search on her computer but finds nothing, even when Midnight approaches. She notes that Chiffon is getting worse. 

The Nakewameke.

Elsewhere, as everyone else is asleep - Soular, in his human form approaches two people playing with a game device. He asks about the game, then he uses it to summon a Nakewameke with it, causing them to run away.

That morning Inori woke up to see that Chiffon is even worse. She opens the window for some air and happens to spot an egg floating by. Love and Miki run out to see wha is going on and they find other people watching the egg drift by as well. They worry when it begins to crack, and it hatches into a another Nakewamake; forming into a large Bird, based on the character from that video game. Quickly they defeat it but it returns to life, causing Soular to point out that as an immortal; it can't be defeated.

As Inori watches Peach and Berry get beat up, she realizes she can either save them but leave Chiffon behind; or she can continue to try to help Chiffon but let her friends continue to get hurt. Stressed, she begins to cry, which Chiffon sees. She assures her that she can go and fight and suddenly, a yellow light shines from her Linkrun and it produced a yellow Pickrun.

As a tired Peach and Berry look on, they see Cure Pine join them and fight the

Everyone gets shocked as Chiffon tells them about poop.

Nakewameke and releashes her upgraded power, Healing Prayer Fresh.

With everything back to normal, Inori attempts to try to help Chiffon again. To their shock, the girls are finall informed as to what the problem was; Chiffon does not know how to poop yet.

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Secondary Characters


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