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Tsumitate Furesshu! Kyua Berī Tanjō!!
Fresh Pretty Cure! episode 02
"Freshly-Gathered Fresh! Cure Berry is Born!!"
Air date February 8, 2009
Episode Guide
Opening Let's! Fresh Pretty Cure!
Ending You make me happy!
Directed by Shimizu Junji
Written by Maekawa Atsushi
Art design by Kagawa Hisashi

Freshly-Gathered Fresh! Cure Berry is Born!! (つみたてフレッシュ!キュアベリー誕生!! "Tsumitate Furesshu! Kyua Berī Tanjō!!"?) is the 2nd episode of the season Fresh Pretty Cure, and also the 244th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Love meets Chiffon and Tarte and attempts to get her friends to join her dance lessons with Miyuki. As this is going on, Miki spends the day with her beloved brother until they get interupted by Eas.



Aono Miki goes on her usual daily routine of jogging in the morning before proceeding to have a heavy breakfast, and then make preparations for the day ahead.

Meanwhile, Love awakens to find Tarte and Chiffon in her room, bewildered by Chiffon's psychic abilities and a ferret that spoke in Kansai dialect. Once she calms down, Tarte introduces Chiffon and himself to her before he explains the parallel worlds, the legendary Pretty Cure, and Labyrinth, an evil organization whose aim is to revive Infinity through gathering sorrow from humans. Love's mother then comes in unexpectedly to remind Love of her dancing lessons with Miyuki. On her way to her lessons, Love runs into Inori walking a dog. She tells her about the exciting news and tries to persuade Inori to join in on the dancing lessons, but Inori doesn't feel
qualified to do so. However, Love encourages her to keep thinking it over before running off to go and find Miki. Upon entering Miki's home, Love finds out that Miki had already gone out on a "date" with her boyfriend and the only one at home now is her mother. Miki's mother asks Love to be a model for her in order to try out some hairstyles. So as this goes on, Love texts Miki to ask her about the dance lessons.

Meanwhile, Eas is in a horrible mood due to Cure Peach ruining her plan. She talks to Westar and Soular about the other plan and she decides that they have to think up something harder. She appears near the Clover Restaurant where Miki and her "boyfriend", who is actually her younger brother, are and she summons a vending machine Nakewameke, splashing and spraying fizzy juices of different flavors. 

The monster ends up rampaging near the restaurant and flooded it with orange juice. Miki and her brother flee to the bathroom and due to his illness, he is beginning to feel really sick. Miki blocks the door with heavy objects to prevent the juice from flooding in and tries to get him
outside by using the big window nearby.

Refusing to let her bother drown, she pushes him up above her and helps him escape. However, the door opens, allowing all of the juice to flood in and nearly drown Miki!

Love, who's hair was redone into an afro, realizes how late she is and rushes out of the salon as Tarte, while he's holding Chiffon on his back, follows her to try to locate the Nakewameke. Chiffon's forehead begins to glow blue and this triggers Burun, a Pickrun that had been observing Miki since that morning, to fly into her cellphone while a blue barrier protects her from all of the juice. Miki then proceeds to transform into the Freshly Gathered Fresh, Cure Berry! With the help of her special purifying move, Espoir Shower, she is able to make the Nakewameke stop. 

After Eas leaves, Miki changes back to normal while trying to figure out what happened. Love confronts her
about Pretty Cure and begins to recall what happened to her until remembering how late she is. When Miki's brother approaches, Miki makes an attempt to speak to him. However, Love grabs onto her and pulls her away while Tarte and Chiffon watch. They meet with Miyuki and quickly begin to dance.

As this goes on, nobody seems to notice a wistful Inori watching from a distance.

Major Events

  • Aono Miki transforms into Cure Berry for the first time.
  • Cure Berry uses Espoir Shower for the first time.
  • Miki and Love start dance practice with Miyuki.





Secondary Characters


  • Miki has two perfume sprays on her desk as shown preparing for the brand new day. One is peach and the other berry.


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