Dual Aurora Wave! (デュアルオーロラウェイブ! Dyuaru Ōrora Ueibu!?) is the official transformation phrase used by the Cures in Futari wa Pretty Cure, and its sequel Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart. To activate their transformation, the girls need their Heartful Communes or their old Card Communes and their respective Mascot partners.

Pretty Cure and Mascot partners

List of Sequences and First Appearance

Cure Black and White - Episode 1


Futari wa Pretty Cure Ver: The cards are seen being swiped in the commune. Then, a rainbow light is showing and it becomes a black hole. Their Card Communes combine together and are showing a white light. Nagisa and Honoka shout "Dual Aurora Wave!" and then they hold hands. Then they comes to sky, inside the rainbow light. They are shown standing and Cure Black's arm warmer appears. Then her shoes and her skirt. Next, her top and ribbon. Her other arm warmer appear at the same time as Cure White's. Cure White's top and ribbon appear. Then her skirt and her shoes. Their faces are showing and their pouches appear. The rainbow light disappears, and the white light comes down. Their pouches are showing and they are standing on the ground. Finally, they introduce themselves and pose.

Max Heart Ver: First, the Queen card is being swiped across the Heartful Communes. Their communes top's spin around. Then each girl waves a hand over their respective Commune. They hold hands as Nagisa and Honoka shout "Dual Aurora Wave!". They are flying to the sky inside a rainbow light. Gold colored ribbon falls on them and creates their clothes. Cure Black is squatting as her full costume appears. Cure White spins around as her full costume appears too. Cure Black's top is showing, then her skirt. Cure White's shoulder strap is showing, then her skirt. The bows then both appear. Cure Black jumps down landing on her feet. Cure White then lands and does a backflip. Finally, the Cures introduces themselves and pose.



Both:  デュアル・オーロラ・ウェイブ!
Nagisa: 光の使者、キュアブラック!
Honoka: 光の使者、キュアホワイト!
Both: ふたりはプリキュア!
Cure White: 闇の力のしもべ達よ!
Cure Black: とっととお家に帰りなさい!


Both: Dyuaru Ōrora Ueibu!
Nagisa: Hikari no shisha, Kyua Burakku!
Honoka: Hikari no shisha, Kyua Howaito!
Both: Futari wa Purikyua!
Cure White: Yami no chikara no shinobetachi yo!
Cure Black: Tottoto ochie ni kaerinasai!

English translation

Both: Dual Aurora Wave!
Nagisa: Emissary of light, Cure Black!
Honoka: Emissary of light, Cure White!
Both: Together we are Pretty Cure!
Cure White: Servants of the Dark Power!
Cure Black: Return to the darkness from which you came!

English dub

Both: Dual Aurora Wave!
Natalie: Emissary of Light, I am Cure Black!
Hannah: Emissary of Light, I am Cure White!
Both: Together we are Pretty Cure!
Cure White: Evil Spirits of Darkness...
Cure Black: ... Return to the abyss where you belong!



Futari wa Pretty Cure Version

Max Heart Version



Futari wa PreCure Transformation01:13

Futari wa PreCure Transformation

Futari wa Pretty Cure version

Max Heart Transformation01:14

Max Heart Transformation

Max Heart Transformation

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