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Deep Mirror
ディープミラー Dīpu Mirā
SeasonHappiness Charge Pretty Cure!
Eye ColorRed
Hair ColorDark Blue
Home PlacePhantom Empire
First AppearanceHCPC02
Theme ColorPurple
Japanese Voice ActorKazuhiko Inoue
Deep Mirror (ディープミラー Dīpu Mirā?) is a ruler of the Phantom Empire and the true main antagonist. He serves as Queen Mirage's advisor, who locates things for her. It was revealed that he is the one who controlled Mirage.


As an advisor, he is very loyal to Queen Mirage and is always seen with her. He often orders the generals around, under her order. He shows her something with his mirror about the Cures. He is also the mastermind behind the Phantom Empire's who using Mirage to conquer the Earth.


He can use the mirror to show Mirage something as seen in episode 2, often showed her about the new Cures. it is unknown if he can perform any attack because he is too powerful. He can also control Queen Mirage and make her become more evil.


As in the look, it is an ordinary mirror, and has a face with red eyes, and mouth, however specifically also a person's aura is inside. Inside his mirror is a figure who resembles Blue with dark blue body and inside resembling Blue's Cross Mirror Room. When he influence Mirage, his eyes will shine.


He, along with Queen Mirage and the other generals were sealed in Axia box in the Blue Sky Kingdom until Hime opened it and they begin the invasion. He also reveals the whereabouts of new Pretty Cures that appear in Pikarigaoka, such as Cure Lovely in the second episode, and informs Queen Mirage about where the Phantom Empire's invasion of Earth has been decreased because of the Cures counterattacking. He also reveals Cure Honey and her ability to soothe everyone with her singing once she starts appearing more often.

He is revealed to be the mastermind behind everything, controlling Queen Mirage by making her believe that Blue was using Cure Lovely in order to defeat her, and making her more resentful. He also intervened and snapped the Phantom Trio out of being purified.

When Blue nearly free Mirage from his influence, he intervened before it complete and bring her back to the Phantom Empire. When Mirage asks Deep Mirror about Blue's feelings, he proclaim to her that Blue abandoned her and stated that Loves and happiness were fluke and always remained on Mirage's side as he influence her as Mirage eyes become lifeless.


  • Blue: It is possible that they have a connection between their kingdoms. They have the same resemblance as seen inside the mirror.
  • Queen Mirage: He serves as her adviser. He always reports to her something using the mirror. He gives orders to the generals under Mirage's command. It was revealed that he is the one who controlled Mirage, and the main villain of the series. Whenever Mirage slowly becomes good, he often influences her, fueling more anger towards Blue.


  • The shadow inside the mirror appears to be somewhat similar to Blue.
  • He is based on Magic Mirror in Snow White.
  • He is the second villain to use a mirror to locate an object, preceded by Shadow.
  • Like Klein, he serves as a high rank of the group and did not meet the Cures until the final battle.
  • He is the second villain to control the main villain, preceded by Noise, who controlled Mephisto.
  • His mirror resembles an alternative version of Blue's Cross Mirror Room.
  • In the official Profile, his eyes and reflection are purple.


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