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The Decor Décor (デコルデコール Dekoru Dekōru?) (or Charm Chest in Glitter Force) is a special trunk used to store Cure Decor pieces. The item's sole purpose is reviving the Queen of Märchenland when all of the Cure Decors are collected and placed inside the case. Its first appearence was in episode 6 when Pop gave it to the Cures.



First full pack of Decors inside the Decor Décor.

The Decor Décor is similar to the Smile Pact in that it has different functions depending on the Cure Decor piece inserted. Royale Queen has also power to speak telepathically through it, when it happens, it shines brightly. Inside it, there is 16 places for Cure Decors. First time, after collecting full set of Decors, it shines and transforms into new Cure Decor. After putting the Decor to Smile Pact, it creates Princess Candles to the Cures, that makes them tarnsform to Princess form and use Rainbow Burst attack. At the second time, when Candy places the final Decors to their places, it forms a clear light beam directly above them and fill the room with light. After the shiny light is gone, there is Royal Clock next to the Decor Décor. At the third time, Miracle Jewel shine brightly and reveals Candy's human form.


A pink box accented with a clear lid and pale pink accents. At the center of it is a pale pink section with a tiny screen lined in gold ribbon and a pink gem heart button lined with three other hearts. On each side is where the Decor rests.



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