Dark Forte Wave

Dark Forte Wave (ダークフォルテウェイブ Dāku Forute Ueibu?) is an attack that Dark Pretty Cure uses in the first episode of Heartcatch Pretty Cure!. It has only been seen twice, but it does most likely not purify Heart Flowers because of its origins.


When Dark Pretty Cure uses this attack, she needs the Dark Tact, just like Cure BlossomCure Marine, and Cure Moonlight need their Blossom Tact, Marine Tact, and Moon Tact respectively. When she uses it, Dark Pretty Cure hits her target with a wave of red energy, resembling an F. Because the scene ends when Cure Moonlight loses her Pretty Cure Seed and an explosion, which is the result of the the attack's impact, it is unknown if Dark Pretty Cure has to roll her Dark Tact like Cure Blossom and Cure Marine need to do, or how Cure Moonlight moves her Moon Tact in a circular motion, when defeating a Desertrian.



Dark Pretty Cure: ダークフォルテウェイブ!


Dark Pretty Cure: Dāku Forute Ueibu!

Literal Translation

Dark Pretty Cure: Dark Forte Wave!

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