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ダビィ Dabii
SeasonDoki Doki! Pretty Cure
Eye ColorPurple
Hair ColorLilac and dark purple
Home PlaceTrump Kingdom
First AppearanceDDPC01
Alter EgoD.B.
Japanese Voice ActorUchiyama Yumi
Dabyi is a cat-like fairy, one of the four main mascots in Doki Doki! Pretty Cure. She is very independent, much like her partner, Cure Sword, but she often worries about Sword. She ends her sentences with "~dabyi" (sometimes "~byi"). She's also Makoto's manager, D.B.


Dabyi is very independent, and she often worries about her partner Cure Sword. 


She is first seen with Makoto, worrying about her not having any close friends. After that, she is later seen as a human, unknowingly to the audience, until she turns into a Lovely Commune to help Makoto and the Cures.


Kenzaki Makoto : Davi is Makoto's transformation partner as well as her manager. She seems to often worry about her being lonely.

Sharuru/Raquel/Lance  : they first meet her in episode 7.


Dabyi has the rare ability to fly, turn into a Commune and help a Makoto transform into Cure Sword. She can also turn into a human, playing the role as Makoto's manager D.B.


Dabyi has purple fur in different shades, and two cat-like ears. There are deep purple spade-like markings on her ears. Her eyes are deep purple, with eyelash-like markings, her eyelash markings go up like Raquel's and Sharuru's and are more pointy and have 2 distinctive bumps. Her tail is long and smooth. She wears a narrow frilly piece as a collar. She also wears a large purple frilly ribbon on her head, decorated with a silver heart medallion.

As a human, she has short, deep blue (almost black) hair. She wears glasses and has a much deeper voice than usual.


Dabyi (ダビィ) - from David (a Biblical character from the Old Testament), the King of Spades in the traditional Paris court card name.

D.B. - consonants of "Dabyi".


  • Dabyi is one of the few mascots who are capable of flight. The rest being Flappy (in his ball form), Choppy (in her ball form), MoopFoopSyrupChiffon, the PickrunsChypreCofferetPotpurriCologne, the Fairy TonesSharuruRaquelLance and Ai.
  • Dabyi is the third cat-like mascot, after Hummy and Siren from Suite Pretty Cure♪.
    • She and Siren can turn human, but in Siren's case she never turns into her real form.
    • She is the second cat-like mascot who can transform into a human. The first being Seiren (until episode 21) and followed by Miss Shamour.
  • She is the third purple colored mascot after Siren and Dodory.
  • She is the oldest of all 4 mascots, having existed before the premature Sharuru, Raquel and Lance were sent to find the Cures.
    • Further proof is that in DDPC29, the other three can only turn into kids as humans while she's an adult.
  • Dabyi is the ninth mascot who can change into a human, after CocoNutsMilkSyrupCoupeSirenCandy and Pop.
  • She is the third mascot to transform into three or more forms; after Syrup, who can transform to human and a giant bird, and Pop, who can transform into anything.
  • Her relationship with Cure Sword is similar to that between Cure Muse and Dodory because both know their Cures' inner feelings and both are their Cures' consciences.
  • She is the only fairy that can drive a car.



Dabyi (Fairy form)

Dabyi (Human form)



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