The Destined Showdown! Ace vs Regina (宿命の対決!エースVSレジーナ Shukumei no Taiketsu! Ēsu VS Rejīna?) is the 45th episode of Doki Doki! Pretty Cure series and is also the 482nd episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.



Joe on flashback, as he sees about Marie Ange.

The episode begins with Joe, and the girls who are questioning Joe where has he been while they where not in his store. Soon, he says that he had taken Marie Ange's body on a forrest, and soon he found out that Ai had gotten Marie Ange's powers. Soon, using the Lovead mirror, Marie Ange had told Joe to find the Eternal Golden Crown, in which Joe had given to the girls. Soon, Aguri then held the Crown, but caused her to faint after seeing numerous things happening to Trump Kingdom. Later on, Aguri then woke up on her home, with her grandmother by her side. There, Mari told her that she should not be afraid of anything, but is now ready to choose her own future. Soon, Aguri calls Joe, and Makoto to meet at the Shop.


Aguri's drawing of Eru.

At the shop, Aguri arrives in, and soon uses her powers to break the crystal in which Marie Ange is on, and yet shocked Joe, and Makoto. As everyone asks her why, Aguri says that it is to trick the enemies. Soon, Aguri then says to them that she wants to have a showdown with Regina, in which to settle everything, but tells them to keep it a secret for Mana, and the others because everything would get complicated. The next day, Mana, and the girls were waiting for Makoto, and Aguri, and soon get found by Eru who told the girls that Aguri came at her, and dropped a drawing of her. Soon, she tells them that Aguri told her that she was her best friend, and left. After this, Mana, and the girls try to find out where Aguri, and Makoto are.


Cure Ace during the fight.

Meanwhile, Aguri, Makoto, and Joe arrive at Regina's room, and Aguri demands a fight against Regina for the Crown. While, Mana, and the girls arrive at the Shop and see the broken crystals, and see an Ace card, later on, their Pads start to shine. Cure Ace, and Regina start dueling, and fight. As fighting, Regina asks why Ace's 5-limit time has not gone yet, and Ace says that with the Crown, she has her powers to last more longer. As the girls get to their maximum powers, Ace performs, Ace Shot, and Ace Mirror Flash while fighting, while Regina used her janergy causing both of them to fall on the ground, while Bel, and his Jikochuus attack Sword, and Joe, and capture them.


Cure Heart, Diamond, and Rosetta arrive on time.

Cure Sword, captured, then shouts out "Mana", and then Mana transformed as Cure Heart comes along with Diamond, and Rosetta, and make the entrance, and the whole group then performs Lovely Straight Flush, and with their angel forms, the Cures defeat all the Jikochuus. As this happened, Cure Ace saw Regina on the ground, and about to take the chance to kill her, Heart comes in, and defends Regina. As about to settle, Ace tells everyone that she and Regina are Marie Ange's souls, as Ace is the light, while Regina is the darkness. Soon, Selfish King appears, as he is getting stronger, while the girls remain at Trump Kingdom...

Major events

  • The Eternal Golden Crown appears.
  • The fact about Regina and Aguri being Marie Ange's souls is shown for the first.
  • It turned out that all this time the princess was not in the crystal, as the crystal was fake.







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