Let's Celebrate! The First Birthday! (みんなで祝おう!はじめての誕生日! Minna de Shukuō! Hajimete no Tanjōbi!?) is the 42nd episode of the season Doki Doki! Pretty Cure and also the 479th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Aguri started dreaming of Princess Marie Ange fighting Selfish King. Which made her worried. The girls were chatting about their date of birth and Zodiac. Aguri said that she didn't know her birthday and Zodiac and she left, and Ayumi told Mana that Aguri was adopted by Mari because she didn't have family and that's why Mari took care of her. As the girls believe that Aguri doesn't know her birthday, Mana guess that they need to hold a birthday party without telling her, so they agreed.

Meanwhile, in Regina's room, she heard what Sword and Rosetta said which started to annoy her, then Ira told her to act cold, and Marmo ate Regina's parfait and made her angry and she attacked Marmo for stealing her parfait. Regina will deal with the Cures and ask Ira to help her out.

Aguri saw Makoto and Dabyi buying something and she went to ask them what they were buying but Makoto pretended to say that she got the wrong person and left. She saw Mana and Rikka buying flowers and she helped them buy but they said that they didn't need it. Later, she saw Alice and Sebastian chatting with Mari and Aguri tell them what the secret and Alice and Sebastian said that Mari wanted honey and quickly left which made Aguri think that they were suspicious.

Aguri again had the same dream and was comforted by her grandmother. Aguri tried to make dinner but Mari suggested that they should eat at Mana's house. Aguri decided to sneak to the restaurant to find out what they were hiding. It seems that they held a birthday party all along just to celebrate her birthday, but she had been discovered by Mari and entered the house and was surprised by everyone.

Later, Regina targets the man who wanted to eat at the restaurant and turned him into ant Jikochuu and petrified Ayumi, Kentaro and Sokichi. She and Ira appeared, Aguri brought her grandmother to safety while the Cures fight the Jikochuu. After escorting Mari to safety, Aguri transformed too. This made Regina furious and attacked Cure Ace, but was saved by Cure Heart. After Ace understood those feelings, they defeated the Jikochuu but Ira stopped them and was hit by Diamond's Diamond Swirkle before defeating the Jikochuu. Mari brought the police officer to Mana's house but Aguri told her that the Jikochuu is gone before they continued to celebrate her birthday.






  • The girls date of birth and Zodiacs are revealed except for Aguri's.
  • It was revealed that Aguri was adopted by Mari.
  • Makoto reveals that her parents died and that she was the first Cure to appear.


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