Bel's Scheme! Ai Becomes a Jikochuu!? (ベールのたくらみ!アイちゃんジコチューになる!? Bēru no Takurami! Ai-chan Jikochū ni Naru!??) is the 38th episode of the Doki Doki! Pretty Cure series, and also the 475th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


At the park, the girls warned Ai not to do anything selfish. Mana told her not to eat much, Rikka told her not to drink much and Alice gives her milk as a reward. Aguri believed that if Ai remained in this state, the trio won't increase their power.

In the bar, Bel comes up with a plan to turn Ai into a Jikochuu, so they planned to use a finger puppet to lure her outside at night.

At night, the trio disguised the finger puppet to lure Ai outside and that causes her to become more rebellious, which the Cures unable to treat her and she become more mature and throw some tantrum. Sharuru planned to pretend to sleep and find out who lured Ai.

The trio lured Ai again into their hideout. Ira and Marmo give her anything while Bel drinks. He thinks that if Ai's heart became blackened she will become a Jikochuu and soon he will be the top of the group in order to surpass Selfish King. Ai used a bowling ball to hit Bel and she also hit Ira and Marmo for playing bowling.

When school is finished, Mana received a challenge letter from Bel and said they should come to the factory because they abducted Ai and they rushed to the factory.

The Cures arrived in the factory and noticed that Ai turned into a Jikochuu after being lured by the trio every day. Everyone transformed except Aguri because she needed Ai's power to do so. The Cures were overpowered by the trio and Aguri tried to snap Ai, which caused her to cry and made the trio's power increase. Heart chased Bel to save Ai but her cries caused the chimney to fell and Heart managed to save her.

Heart tells Ai that she was unaware that she turned into Jikochuu, and she remembers how they spent time with each others. Heart mentioned that Ai's first line is amazing! and some time when she and Regina split, Ai comforted her because everyone was always with her and she learned how to eat carrots because she overcame her pickiness and they stay together, which caused Ai to remove her darkness and allowed Aguri to transform.

Ira and Marmo's powers weaken and try to flee but Bel forces them to continue fighting by setting the ring to full power, which allowed them to blast large energy at, but Ace used Ace Shot to overcome them with the power of Ai. Bel used the rings to turn into his super form and the Cures perform Lovely Straight Flush at him and the rings are destroyed so they retreat.

The Cures celebrate their victory and they believe with the power of Ai, they will be able to defeat the Selfish King and save Regina. Back at the Trump Kingdom, the trio were being tortured by the Selfish King for their failures and Regina finally awakens and assumes command of the group.





Major Events

  • Ai becomes a Jikochuu due to the trio luring her everyday.
  • Regina awakens again after nearly being defeated by Cure Ace.
  • The Blood Rings have been destroyed, along with Leva and Gula's powers for good.
  • Bel turns into his super form for the first time.


  • Happy Go Lucky! Doki Doki! Pretty Cure plays for the second time this season without being the opening theme as it first played in episode 21. It plays when Ai returns back to her normal self.


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