The Final Trial! The Legendary Pretty Cure! (最後の試練!伝説のプリキュア! Saigo no Shiren! Densetsu no Purikyua!?) is the 30th episode of the season Doki Doki! Pretty Cure, and also the 467th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall. In the English dub, Glitter Force Doki Doki, it is called "The Crystal Mirror".



Melan traveling with Alice's airplane.

The girls are on Alice's airplane. While in the airplane, Aguri started explaining about three Pretty Cures, who had defeated evil, ten thousand years ago, by using three magical items, Miracle Dragon GlaiveMagical Lovely Pad, and Eternal Golden Crown. While explaining, Makoto had mixed feelings, if she failed the test, than evil could destroy the world, meanwhile Sebastian was dealing with a big dragon aside the airplane, and they all decided to land on a nearby island, instead of dealing with the dragon.


The girls confronting Melan.

On the island, the girls meet up with a mysterious looking turtle, called Melan, Melan told them that he had an item called Magical Lovely Pad. Suddenly the girls start asking Melan if he could give it up to them, however, Melan transformed into the dragon the girls saw before, and the girls started running away, then transformed. However, the dragon was stronger then them, and dodged Lovely Force Arrow, along with Ace Shot, by airing a fireball at them, making a big explosion.


The girls, with their ridiculous haircuts.

The girls lost to the dragon, and their hair was messed up. As it was starting to get dark, the girls decided to camp, and started talking to Melan. While eating curry, the girls found out that the Magical Lovely Pad was hidden inside the mountain, now with more powers, the girls transformed again, and started batteling dragon Melan again. The girls grouped to defeat it together, even if they were not strong enough. Together, to protect each other, the girls performed Lovely Force Reflection, after defending each other, Cure Rosetta managed to also attack the dragon with that attack.


Melan watching the girls go away with the helicopter.

Cure Heart, who now had regained her powers back, then started attacking, much to having another power up. Cure Heart was about to finish Melan, however she suddenly paused resulting on her to de-transform. Now, seeing this Melan then thought of the Magical Lovely Pad. In the end, Mana woke up on the beach, along with her friends, and wondered until, the girls showed up with the Pad. Melan explanied to Mana, that she gave it to them, because of finding hope, and spirit inside her. The girls left with Alice's helicopter, and said goodbye to Melan.

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  • The episode, was supposed to air on August 25th, however it was later posponed to September 1st, because instead they aired New Stage 1, and Super Hero War.


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