My Heart's Pounding! Aguri's Summer Vacation! (胸がドキドキ!亜久里の夏休み! Mune ga Dokidoki! Aguri no Natsuyasumi?) is the 28th episode of the season Doki Doki! Pretty Cure, and also the 465th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


After Aguri overworks herself the girls meet a classmate of hers, Eru, a shy girl who would like to befriend Aguri. With that, the girls invite both of them to attend the summer festival with them in hopes of getting them closer.



Eru hiding from the girls.

While the girls are running, Mana and the others spot a mysterious girl watching them. They come to a stop and chat until Aguri suddenly fell and faints. The girl calls out to her and Rikka helps Aguri.

The girls resume talking to each other when the mysterious girl approaches and introduces herself as Eru. Eru mentions that she is in class with Aguri, and mentions that while she is extremely bossy, she is protective towards the other students.

It's then Aguri awakens and Eru quickly takes off. Aguri seems anxious and the girls attempt to bring Eru up with her, explaining how important and great it is to have friendship.

Meanwhile, Leva, and Gula were angry at Cure Ace and her arrival, and started making plans.


Mana trying to catch the goldfish.

When evening arrives the girls come to the festival and meet up with Eru. They spot Aguri and notice how shy she's grown over the time. They play a game of goldfish scooping but they all fail. They go on to win some toys- with only Aguri actually winning anything by copying her "Ace Shot" technique, and won a Lovead. She then gives the item over to Eru.

After they finish playing the girls sit down to eat and play with each other. Meanwhile, a boy became a target for Leva and Gula and they make a Jikochuu.


Aguri protecting Eru

The girls transform, with Aguri not present as she was busy hanging out with Eru. The girls are unaware of this until they begin to fight, and they see the Jikochu target Aguri. Eru defends her, recalling their past back when Aguri did the same for her. Hearing Eru speak causes Aguri to begin crying.

The Jikochuu trapped Cure Heart, Diamond, Rosetta, and Sword. Aguri left Eru for a moment and transforms to defend the group- just in time to see Leva started holding a timer. The Jikochu traps her after she is distracted by it, and Cure Ace quickly attacks to save the others while realizing how kind they have been to her since meeting. For the final blow, Ace performed Ace Shot, and purified the Jikochuu.


The girls watching the fireworks.

Afterwards, everyone changed back to normal- as did the area, and they regroup to watch the fireworks as they start going off in the distance.

Main Events

  • Morimoto Eru appears for the first time.
  • Cure Ace awakens her power after realizing the fifth Pretty Cure Vow: "A Pretty Cure doesn't just fight for themselves but for those they treasure and that they treasure back."





Secondary Characters


  • This episode was omitted from the dub.


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