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Barechatta!? Kyua Ēsu no Jakuten!
Doki Doki! Pretty Cure episode 27
"Discovered?! Cure Ace's Weakness!"
Air date August 3, 2013
Episode Guide
Opening Happy Go Lucky! Dokidoki! Pretty Cure
Ending Love Link

Discovered?! Cure Ace's Weakness! (バレちゃった!?キュアエースの弱点! Barechatta!? Kyua Ēsu no Jakuten!?) is the 27th episode of the season Doki Doki! Pretty Cure, and also the 464th episode of the Pretty Cure all series.


After Cure Ace refuses to help them, the girls are left wondering if she is truly on their side and desire to learn more about her. In this time, the learn more of the mysterious Aguri and realize she isn't is cold as she makes herself out to be.



The Cures fighting off the Jikochuu.

The episode starts with Gula, who has summoned a bicycle Jikochuu to fight the Cures. The Cures struggle to fight, as Cure Ace is not helping them. When she spots a nearby clock, she refuses to help; but does so with Aguri's voice. The Cures have no choice but to accept and resume fighting. Cure Sword uses Sparkle Sword, and then for the finish, Cure Heart purifies it with Heart Shoot. Gula suddenly leaves, while the Cures cheer.

From the distance, Aguri is shown leaving by herself.


All the girls wearing kimonos.

The next day, the girls were making a delivery when they stop, about to give it to an old woman when they spot Aguri. The group is surprised to see her, and say "Cure Ace", but she instructs them to call her Aguri. The old woman arrives and announces herself as Aguri's grandmother and Aguri asks to take off with Mana and her friends. With that she suggests they partake in a tea ceremony together.

Meanwhile, Leva and Gula were alone at the bar, and were thinking of what to do.

Later, the girls arrive in kimonos. They sit down and watch as Aguri makes tea, then after they drink it she begins explaining how Cure Ace, her alter ego works. The group ask her why she won't help them when they needed it, and she reveals to them that she wants them to be able to work without her help.


Gula, and Leva summon a Jikochuu.

Nearby, a young man is busy with work when Gula and Leva set their sights on him. They summon a Barbeque Jikochu from him and when the girls notice this, they transform to fight.

A fight breaks out and the Cures attempt to block and avoid the attacks. Cure Ace transforms and uses her Yellow Ace Shot to trap the Jikochu. However, it breaks loose and resumes attacking.

Gula arrives and demands that Aguri's mother feeds him. When Ace sees this she attempts to defeat him when her brooch starts to shine, causing her to de-transform and fall down. Then as Gula was going to attack, and the Jikochuu too when the Cures arrive to defend them and gain more power, allowing them t

Aguri, and Ai laughing.

o perform Lovely Force Arrow, which purified the Jikochuu.

After Leva and Gula take off, the girls slowly come to the realization that Aguri is Cure Ace's normal form, and she is only able to be Cure Ace in short periods of time. With everything returning to normal, the girls share a laugh and celebrate.

Main Events

  • The opening changes, as Cure Ace appears.
  • A new ending appears, Love Link, replacing Kono Sora no Mukou.
  • New eyecatches appear.
  • It was shown that Cure Ace was only active in 5 minutes before reverting back to her civillian form.
  • It is shown that Aguri has a relative, her grandmother.
  • For the first time, it is shown that two people in the same time could combine powers to summon a Jikochuu.


  • This is the first episode where a Selfish Trio did not make an appearance.






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