Shock! MakoPi Declares Her Idol Retirement! (衝撃!まこぴーアイドル引退宣言! Shougeki! Makopī Aidoru Intai Sengen!?) is the 24th episode of the season Doki Doki! Pretty Cure, and also the 461st episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall. In the English dub, Glitter Force Doki Doki, it is called "Mackenzie Loses Her Mojo".


Makoto gives up her singing carrier after being critisized and reminded of her Pretty Cure status. But after a talk from Marie Ange she begins to reconsider.



Everybody gets shocked by Aguri's arrival.

The episode begins with Makoto performing, "~SONGBIRD~ " in the concert then as she goes to the back stage, Makoto wonders if she should continue or not.

The next day, Mana and the others rest at her families eatery while discussing Cure Ace. When suddenly, the mysterious schoolgirl appears, she introduces herself as Madoka Aguri. Makoto, seeing her expresses surprise.


Aguri telling about the cake's taste.

Alice then orders Sebastian to serve her a cake as a welcome sign, and then Aguri starts eating. Aguri is stunned, then describes her feelings about the cake before hugging Mana- while everyone else gets annoyed. As everyone is resting, Aguri approaches Makoto and points out that she isn't a professional. Hearing this, Makoto expresses disappointment before Dabyi arrives to tell Aguri she is wrong, but Aguri left.

Mana wearing the Marie Ange mask.

The next day in school, Mana, made a mask with Princess Marie Ange's face, however, Makoto left. Then, Alice made a band so Makoto could sing, but that embarresed her, and Makoto again left.

Later, Makoto goes out for a run while Mana tries to tend to Ai. However, Ai begins crying, which makes Mana feel sad and she attempts to sing to perk her up; but this makes it worse. When Makoto sees what is going on, she attempts to comfort her while Mana points out she is only avoiding her concert.


Leva appears in the concert.

Meanwhile, at the GoGo! Bar, the Trio was annoyed by Gula, and Leva's arrival, then the Trio left. Leva happens to see Makoto performing and begins to hatch a new idea.

While, a reporter wished if she could enter and get an interview with Makoto, Leva suddenly appears and sumons a Jikochuu.

Mana, Rikka, and Alice heard it and arrived on location as Leva tries to speak out to everyone, using the stage. However, he is annoyed when nobody listens to him and uses the Jikochuu to make bad music.


Makoto communicating with Marie Ange through the mirror.

Mana, and the girls, seeing this, then transformed.

As Makoto hurries to reach them, Ai suddenly stops her.

The Cures got captured and could not move. Makoto then saw a new Lovead, which Ai had made, and then suddenly it produced a mirror. In that mirror, Princess Marie Ange could be seen and Makoto heard her voice. She asks about her Idol career and whether or not she should quit. Marie Ange explains that she shouldn't, because she was the best singer in all of Trump Kingdom.


Makoto in the concert.

Makoto then transformed to save her friends. Suddenly, Cure Sword appeared, as then Aguri followed her. Aguri arrives and she transforms into Cure Ace, suggesting they fight together. Sword agrees and they easily manage to bring the Jikochuu down. Ace uses Ace Shot and prepares to mix the attack with her purple lipstick, while Cure Sword finishes by using her final attack, Sparkle Sword, then the Jikochuu got purified.

Everything got back to normal and Makoto changes, choosing to continue her career and then she begins her concert.

Main Events

  • The mystery girl who becomes Cure Ace is revealed as Madoka Aguri, a fourth grader.
  • Makoto is granted a Lovead to give her a magic mirror to communicate with Princess Ange.
  • Cure Ace performs, Ace Shot with purple lipstick for the first time.
  • Cure Sword awakens her power after realizing the second PreCure vow: "A PreCure gives people their love".





Secondary Characters


  • This is the first episode after Episode 12, where Regina does not appear.
  • It is shown that Aguri loves sweets, especially the cake that Sebastian made.


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