The Greatest Partner Appears! Cure Diamond!! (最高の相棒登場!キュアダイヤモンド!! Saikō no Aibō Tōjō! Kyua Daiyamondo!!?) is the 3rd episode of Doki Doki! Pretty Cure, and also the 440th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall. Its Glitter Force Doki Doki title is "A Diamond in The Rough."


Mana and Raquel try to convince Rikka to join her as a Pretty Cure but she doesn't believe she would be good enough and rejects the idea. In this time she attempts to reach out to her parents through a letter and after seeing Mana fight as Cure Heart, begins to reconsider.



Mana becomes hungry while thinking.

Rikka makes attempts to study the Cure Loveads in the school science laboratory when Mana arrives. Rikka explains that the materials used in the Loveads does not exist on Earth, then asks the fairies to learn more about them when Mana explains she gained her transformation Cure Lovead from a young shop owner at Clover Tower. THe attack Cure Lovead appeared from her brooch during the battle.

Suddenly, their teacher walks in and reminds them that they have only three minutes to clean up. They panicked and rushed to clean up, leaving behind Lance in the science laboratory.

Mana comes across another poster of the young idol, Makopi, and goes on to talk about her concert. However, Raquel and Sharuru butt in and remind them about the mysterious Cure Sword and her true agenda. Mana generates a few ideas and suspicions, and considers that Makopi may be Cure Sword, but her hunger interrupts this. Mana decides to invite Rikka over to her place to have dinner and discuss more about the Pretty Cure matters.

Rikka informs her mother of their change in plans and together the four make their way over to her place for dinner, provided by Mana's father. Raquel observes Rikka carefully, and decides that Rikka should be his partner. Mana agrees, and even comes up with a Pretty Cure name for her, Cure Dia. Despite all the support, Rikka declines, claiming that she is not worthy to be a Pretty Cure and that she would rather support Mana from behind.

They agree to meet tomorrow to find the young man at the Clover Tower and go back home. Rikka receives a parcel, containing more figurines and small statues, and a letter from her father who is traveling overseas. She decides to write back to him and deposit the letter into the mail box the next day. 


Bel asking if they have hard time facing Cure Sword.

Meanwhile, Ira and Marmo are visited by their comrade, Bel who was ordered from the "Higher-Ups" to help them. He asks how the battle with Cure Sword went and is met with mixed response.

The two girls bump into the young man from the Clover Tower. The man has just newly opened his shop and invites them in. However Rikka demands to know his connections with the Cure Loveads and the Pretty Cure.

The young man goes on to change the subject and gives Rikka a Cure Loveads. Rikka goes into a trance, and is waken up by Mana, causing her to try rejecting it with politeness. The man notes that the Cure Loveads chose her and she should decide what path she will choose in the end.

Meanwhile, a young male student gets disgusted with the love letters being sent around. Ira extracts his dark heart and creates a goat Jikochū, which then proceeds to eat the letters in the mailbox instead of pursuing the Pretty Cure.


Cure Diamond transforming.

The fairies sense the Jikochū's presence and Mana quickly transforms to confront the Jikochū. Cure Heart tries to save the letters from being eaten, especially the one from Rikka, and ends up getting her hands full.

Rikka wants to help, and suddenly recalls her first time meeting with Mana, who had been supporting her ever since. Rikka concentrates her strong feelings to save Mana and the Cure Loveads glows. Grabbing the opportunity, Rikka transforms into her Pretty Cure ego, Cure Diamond, and immediately purifies the Jikochū with her own purification attack, Twinkle Diamond.

After the battle, Raquel reintroduces himself to Rikka as his new partner. Only when they mention Lance did they realize that he is missing and start panicking. Alice arrives with Sebastian and inquires about the girls' troubles.

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