Yipes! Cure Heart's Secret Identity Has Been Blown! (ガーン!キュアハートのしょうたいがバレちゃった!! Gān! Kyua Hāto no Shōtai ga Barechatta!!?) is the 2nd episode of Doki Doki! Pretty Cure, and also the 439th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall. Parts of this episode were used in the first Glitter Force Doki Doki episode "A New Adventure."


Cure Heart aids Cure Sword in fighting the Jikochuu and its summoners, but Cure Sword acts distant and leaves immediately after the battle is finished. Confused, Mana attempts to figure out everything and decides to let Rikka in on what happened.



Ira and Marmo threatening Cure Sword

Cure Heart is amazed by her new powers and agility. Ira and Marmo both fight with Cure Heart, but she is able to evade their attacks. Marmo orders the Jikochuu Crab to hang Cure Sword off the rooftop and tells Cure Heart they do everything for the Selfish King in order to rule the world.

As Cure Heart attempts to rescue Cure Sword, Cure Sword argues that it isn't any of Heart's concern and that she can handle everything on her own. She manages to break free but the Jikochuu Crab grabs her leg instead- causing her to fall.


Cure Sword refuses Cure Heart's offer of friendship

Cure Heart catches Sword and they land to safety. Heart's strong feelings produce another Loveads, which she places into her Lovely Commune. Cure Heart is then able to use "My Sweet Heart" and purifies the Jikochuu Crab. The villains leave and Cure Heart attempts to befriend the other Cure, but Cure Sword acts distant. Sword warns her that the Jikochuu will hurt her loved ones if they become serious.

Once they are on their own, Cure Sword's fairy partner Dabyi advises Sword to make friends. However, Cure Sword rejects her suggestion.

Mana turns back to normal and meets up with Rikka and her classmates who were worried about her disappearance and safety. On the way back home, Rikka references the "Happy Prince" story while scolding Mana about her altruistic nature, comparing herself and Mana to the main characters. Mana feels guilty about not telling her everything right away and reveals what happened to her, but she is interrupted by the arrival of her parents.


Mana pretends to be a cat to deliver peach manju to Rikka.

After getting advice from her father, Mana attempts again to tell Rikka the truth about her secret identity. But Sharuru and the two other fairies, Raquel and Lance stop her, as revealing her new secret identity as Cure could put innocent people into unnecessary danger.

The next day, Mana tries to resist the temptation to spill the beans to Rikka, but ends up changing her mind.


Rikka offers Mana to be her 'swallow' in Happy Prince story.

Meanwhile, a student is late for class and wishes he could control the traffic lights so that he would never be late. Ira appears and extracts the student's heart out and turn it into a Jikochuu Traffic Light Monster. It starts freezing everything in its path and heads toward Mana's school.

Mana ordered the unaffected students to evacuate. However Rikka insists that she and Mana should work together to stall the Jikochuu so the students to have time to evacuate.


Mana apologizes and offers to carry Rikka's bag.

Mana transforms in front of Rikka, despite all the warnings Sharuru had given earlier. Cure Heart manages to land a hit on the Jikochuu, but was soon frozen by the Jikochuu's red beam and laid on the floor helpless.

Desperate to help her best friend, Rikka notices the traffic light button and manages to press it right before being shot by the Jikochuu's red light. This triggers a countdown for the green light to appear, which would undo the freezing. A stray cat distracts the Jikochuu and buys enough time for the green light to appear, which frees Cure Heart and Rikka.

Cure Heart then uses her purification attack on the Jikochuu with success.

After school, Rikka makes Mana carry her school bag and wants her to explain everything about the Pretty Cures.

Main Events

  • Cure Heart gains the Cure Lovead to perform her first attack, My Sweet Heart.
  • Mana meets the two other fairies, Raquel and Lance, for the first time.
  • Rikka finds out about the existence of Pretty Cure, and Mana's Cure identity.





Secondary Characters


  • Rikka makes a reference to "Alice in Wonderland" by mentioning that she has discovered a new world when she was pursuing a white rabbit. Interestingly, one of her friends is called Alice, Mana's partner mascot Sharuru resembles a rabbit and the series has a card suit theme, including the existence of Trump Kingdom.
  • The beginning scene was used for the final scene of the first episode but the Jikochuu traffic light was not used in English dub.


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