• Merchandise of Peach Rod
  • Merchandise of Berry Sword
  • Merchandise of Pine Flute
  • Merchandise of Passion Harp

The Cure Sticks (キュアスティック Kyua Sutikku?) are devices in Fresh Pretty Cure! that are used to power-up the Pretty Cure's attacks to their Fresh versions. When a Pickrun is used with a Linkrun, the reaction summons the Cure Stick. The names of these Cure Sticks are as follows:

  • Peach Rod: (ピーチロッド Pīchi Roddo?) Cure Peach's weapon, a white baton with a pink heart adornment at the top, rainbow buttons going upward, and an extension on the handle. Love Sunshine is upgraded to Love Sunshine Fresh. It first appeared in episode 8.
  • Berry Sword: (ベリーソード Berī Sōdo?) Cure Berry's weapon, a white baton with a blue spade adornment at the top, rainbow buttons going downward, and an extension on the handle. Espoir Shower is upgraded to Espoir Shower Fresh. It first appeared in episode 17.
  • Pine Flute: (パインフルート Pain Furūto?) Cure Pine's weapon, a white flute with yellow diamond adornments at the top, rainbow buttons going sideways and an extension on the handle. Healing Prayer is upgraded to Healing Prayer Fresh. It first appeared in episode 13
  • Passion Harp: (パッションハープ Passhon Hāpu?) Cure Passion's weapon, a small, red and white harp with a red, double heart adornment on and white angel wings decorating it. It allows her to use the attack Happiness Hurricane. It first appeared in episode 24.
    • It's a mystery how and who summoned the Passion Harp, since the other Cure Sticks were summoned by Chiffon; this was shown in episode 24 where she summons the Passion Harp from her Linkrun without Chiffon actually giving her one.

Summoning incantations

Peach Rod: "Reach, Melody of Love! Cure Stick, Peach Rod!" (届け、愛のメロディー!キュアスティックピーチロッド! Todoke, ai no merodī. Kyua Sutikku, Pīchi Roddo!?)

Berry Sword: "Resonate, Rhythm of Hope! Cure Stick, Berry Sword!" (響け、希望のリズム!キュアスティック 、ベリーソード Hibike, kibō no rizumu! Kyua Sutikku, Berī Sōdo!?)

Pine Flute: "Heal, Harmony of Prayers! Cure Stick, Pine Flute" (癒せ、祈りのハーモニー!キュアスティック、パインフルート! Iyase, inori no hāmonī! Kyua Sutikku, Pain Furūto!?)

Passion Harp: "Sing, Rhapsody of Happiness! Passion Harp!" (歌え、幸せのラプソディー!パッションハープ! Utae, shiawase no rapusodī! Passhon Hāpu!?)


  • Pine and Passion's Cure Sticks are both based off of instruments (flute and harp, respectively).
  • Peach and Berry's Cure Sticks are based off of sports items (baton and sword, respectively).
  • Passion's Cure Stick is the only one that does not look remotely like a stick. It also uses different way to be activated.
  • Cure Passion is the only one who does not form her symbol, the club, with her Cure Stick/Passion Harp.


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