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Cure Module Toy

Toy Merchandise of the Cure Module

The Cure Module (キュアモジューレ Kyua Mojūre?) is a brooch-like device that allows Hibiki, Kanade, Ako, and Ellen to transform into the Pretty Cure. 

In the first episode of Suite Pretty Cure♪, Hibiki and Kanade's G-clef emblems change into the Cure Modules, allowing them to transform and fight the Negatone. In episode 22, Ellen received her Cure Module, and Ako had hers prior to the series.

To transform, a Fairy Tone must be inserted in the top slot of the Cure Module before either girls says "Let's Play! Pretty Cure Modulation!" and then press the button on the bottom side of the brooch. While it may be possible to use other Fairy Tones with the module, only Dory, Rery, Lary, and Dodory have been used to transform.


Besides transforming into a Pretty Cure, certain Fairy Tones can be inserted to increase abilities. For example, Cure Muse uses hers for her finishing attacks.

By inserting a Fairy Tone into the Module, it is also possible to play music enchanted with the powers of the Fairy Tones. Any Tone can be utilized with the Cure Module except Crescendo Tone, who inhabits the Healing Chest.


The main body is a white and gold heart with two musical note symbols attached to the bottom. In the center is a large crystal gem with four small gems surrounding its top; one side has a white and pink gem, while the other has a purple and blue gem. On top is a silver ornament with a small crystal heart lined in gold, along with a hole allowing a Fairy Tone to be inserted. A button sticks out from the bottom, which doubles as a mouthpiece when playing music with the module


  • The Cure Modules are the second Brooch-like items to exist in the Pretty Cure Universe. The first being Shiny Luminous' Heartiel Brooch.
  • When Dory is inserted into the toy module and you press the button, she exclaims, "July, oh my!"


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