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All confirmed Cure Fleurets save for Starlight Fleuret.

Cure Fleurets (キュアフルーレ Kyua Furūre?) are sword-like finisher weapons summoned by Coco when he is wearing his Palmier crown. Each member has her own Cure Fleuret with a unique name for it. Except for the main fleurets in the story, there are two other additional fleurets in Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!: Okashi no Kuni no Happy Birthday!.

The Cure Fleurets

The names of the Cure Fleurets are as follows:

  • Crystal Fleuret (クリスタルフルーレ Kurisutaru Furūre?), the Light of Hope - Cure Dream's Cure Fleuret.
  • Fire Fleuret (ファイヤーフルーレ Faia Furūre?), the Light of Passion - Cure Rouge's Cure Fleuret.
  • Shining Fleuret (シャイニングフルーレ Shainingu Furūre?), the Light of Effervescence - Cure Lemonade's Cure Fleuret.
  • Protect Fleuret (プロテクトフルーレ Purotekuto Furūre?), the Light of Tranquility - Cure Mint's Cure Fleuret.
  • Tornado Fleuret (トルネードフルーレ Torunēdo Furūre?), the Light of Intelligence - Cure Aqua's Cure Fleuret.
  • Starlight Fleuret (スターライトフルーレ Sutāraito Furūre?) - Shining Dream's Cure Fleuret, and one of the movie exclusive fleurets. Allows her to use the Starlight Solution attack.
  • Black Fleuret (黒いフルーレ Kuroi Furūre?) - The fleuret used by Coco when he is under Mushiban's control. Coco's power is used to summon the fleuret for himself, instead of the Cures. When Cure Dream snaps Coco out of Mushiban's control, the blade is briefly shown turning gold instead. This is also one of the two movie-exclusive fleurets.

Although the Cure Fleurets are never used to fight directly, they are used for the two group attacks Rainbow Rose Explosion and Floral Explosion. In the movie, both the Black Fleuret and the Starlight Fleuret are used for combat. Additionally in Floral Explosion, Milky Rose made her Milky Mirror into a fleuret to coordinate with the five cures.


"Fleuret" is French for "foil", which is a a type of weapon used in fencing. It is the most common weapon in terms of usage in competition, and is usually the choice for elementary classes for fencing in general.[1]

Each Cure's fleuret is named after one of their attacks from the prequel. In the cases of Cure Dream, Cure Lemonade and Cure Aqua, the Cure Fleurets are named after their second or upgraded attack, while the Cure Fleurets of Cure Rouge and Cure Mint are named after their original attacks:


  • It should be noted, however, that the Black Fleuret and the Starlight Fleuret were the only Cure Fleurets those are actually used for combat; all the others have only been present for the finishing attack.
  • When Milky Rose gets a foil from the power of the blue roseYPC5GG48, some fans call it the "Milky Fleuret", though the name has never been made in public, and it is not even official whenever it is a Cure Fleuret at all.
  • Although Starlight Fleuret does not officially represent anything, Shining Dream says that it contains everyone's feelings inside of it [2].
  • When Coco is under Mushiban's control, the Black Fleuret represents Mushiban's evil desires.



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